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It's July 4, and we all know why that date is significant... Show more

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Freshly washed ! 😄 They hate being washed, but they feel much better afterward! Plus they're not stinky!

To make up for my recent negativity, here's my pups! They're good doggies, and I love them ❤️

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No matter what recipe I try, baked potatoes never cook correctly. Never once have I cooked a decent (let alone perfect!) baked potato in a single try

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If you have any questions about, or want to stay informed about, please follow @pixelfed.

I will not be posting anymore updates on this account because this account is meant for the project, and we do not endorse any instance! #pixelfed

These two dudebros had 4 dogs at the today, and they were just talking, ignoring their pups as every single one of them shat somewhere nearby 😠


If you bring your dog(s) to a dog park, please pay attention to them. They're cute and you probably love them so you should be doing this anyway.

Whilst watching your good, cute dog, please at least *try* to check if they've shat somewhere, and if the have, go pick it up with one of the many dog bags provided by the dog park.

"Does this mean I'm a prophet?"
"Nah," said God. "I just wanted someone to hear my view."
"But I am, well, was, an atheist?"
"Yeah. You hadn't already decided what I'm like. You listen well. Thank you. It was nice to talk."
"Any time."
"Thanks," God smiled. "I'll see you later."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

My head hurts this morning 😣 but at least I got to work a little early!

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Ugh, trying to switch from database-first to local-first has been a nightmare so far in . It's introduced so many interesting problems, and it's gonna take forever to figure out how to handle them. :/

Why do I keep fantasizing about making an app that I'm never going to have time to make? I don't know why I keep doing this to myself

Imagine, holding laptops/notebooks like books.

Or holding books like laptops/notebooks.

I need access to a lasercutter so I can make the custom DM screen I've always wanted. I've got the materials and the designs done, now I just wanna cut and assemble

2018, as a year number, looks super fake like 20XX—no way that's a real year

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