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Tell me why oh why is my body not allowing me to sleep past 6:30am today. I lay in bed for 2 hours and could not go back to sleep. Why.

I just found out that I get Lynda for free through my library, but I don't know what I should learn.


@typhlosion 's greatest hits is playing on their feed right now and it's pretty great indeed

This is a fucking UNFORGIVABLE amount of packaging just to put together 3 dining room chairs.

On the plus side, we got new dining room chairs!

I wish I could text my doggies so I could tell them that I love them and will be home soon

Not interested in #e3 anymore, unfortunately. Call me when videogames are about having fun once again, and not about money and "online prestige".

I just tried the Happy Birthdays demo on Switch and it's a very pretty and cute evolution sim that's very

Destination Linux | Episode 73: "Ballistic Commodore".

Reader email for the show:

"Hi Rocco,

Cheers to y’all for Destination Linux, BDLL and all your individual channels

In the latest DL episode, someone made a joke about running Linux on a C64. Here’s a picture that proves it can be done. And with Mint no less..

...I was too tired to neatly stack the 100,000+ 5.25 inch floppy disks...

Distro News"

#DestinationLinux #podcast #C64 #Linux #Commodore

Holy shit, my mom in California just posted this on Facebook with this text:
"I put one of the fresh apples off of our tree in my car yesterday morning. It looked very much like the Apple on the left. After it sat in the car all day in the heat, it was totally baked. See the Apple on the right. ☠️ Be sure not to leave your pet or child or elderly family member in a car in this heat even “with the windows cracked” or even “just for a few minutes.” It gets deadly hot in there!"

Oh no! This alarm is in trouble! Someone help!😨 based on its clock, I think the trouble is that it's living in either the past or the future! 😱

Whenever I get on here, it's always a scatter blast of mostly-unrelated posts followed by several days of silence, and I think that's beautiful

My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy later this year—Venice, Florence, and Rome, with a day trip to Pompeii. What are some cool things we can do and see that aren't super obvious. "Touristy" things aren't off the table, too. And any other travel tips are appreciated too!

We're less interested in art than sights and architecture, and free/cheap is always ideal. Bonus points if you can incorporate trauma studies, dogs, flowers, or ice cream for my wife somehow 👍

I prefer the recorded album to live concerts because the music has (usually) been altered, tweaked, and fixed to be the best it can be for the recording, while a live performance can have any number of things go wrong.

Also there are a lot of people at concerts, and that sucks.

The irony here is that I'm on Mastodon (a social media platform) largely because I dislike social media. Mastodon is the only one I use.

I like to believe we're building something better here, but something I look around at the way people treat each other and I'm not so sure.

All I can do is try to boost/write the kind of stuff I would like to see more of on social media. Be the change you wanna see, yada yada. Fin.

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