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@suetanvil I did notice that there are xbox versions of that mod and the camping mod it depends on! I didn't want them though because I want Adventure more than survival. :)

Oh boy, I just discovered that the xbox version of can have mods, so I just found an awesome lineup of mods to add to improve my roleplaying within the game. Tons of new dialog, bug fixes, and diversity tweaks. I'm very excited to try it out. :D

These are the mods:
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Beast Skeletons
Become a Bard
Left Hand Rings
Ars Metallica
Cutting Room Floor
Better Horses
Diverse Dragons Collection
Immersive Citizens
Realistic Conversations
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

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@ant_lion @Alamantus I have built and maintained dozens of WP sites, and the ecosystem is honestly a dumpster fire.

However, if you want to be a hired-gun webslinger, you will always be able to find paying work.

Someday we will destroy ourselves, and all that will remain is cockroaches and wordpress.

I'm listening to this video about black holes in the background and it's confusing my brain without me even paying attention it:

Ohh man, I want to eat Nerds or something. That sounds so good right now

@ant_lion Yeah, that's smart. Best to save brain power. :)

That sounds pretty cool! Don't know much about Django.

I've been building this shopping cart at work for months now using Choo ( as the JS frontend framework and FlightPHP ( as the API backend. They've been the most delightful frameworks I've ever used.

I've also got a personal project that I'm using InfernoJS for the frontend and plain PHP for the API, but I haven't been able to work on it much.

I've noticed that I use the phrase "definitely probably" and "probably definitely" a lot and I'm not completely sure where that came from.

@ant_lion let me be the first to tell you that it's definitely probably worth it especially given its prolificacy online, but hoo boy, that spaghetti gets real tangled when the thing you're looking for isn't documented well enough.

Like, I really like using it, but if something goes wrong or you want to do something that a plugin doesn't handle or the plugin is written poorly, trying to figure out how to fix it is kind of a nightmare. 😬

Wordpress is great, but I can never use it again normally. It kinda sucks, but there are just so many things that i like so much better now.

@WritingPrompts *Cue intro music for "Pogo the Time Hero" with a series of short video clips of Pogo just playing with a toy spliced together*

@witchfynder_finder how tf did some slave kid from Tatooine who didn't have any experience with the outside world program a droid to know all of these social protocols? Is there open source AI software in the Star Wars universe that he installed? Is there Internet or did he somehow get his hands on a disc??

I always just assumed that sneaky thieves had to be frail, but my sneaky thief in heavy iron armor who specializes in two-handed weapons is some of the most fun I've had in a long time

@Canageek I thought I was already following you. Weird.

@Canageek @DialMforMara I know Amaroq has alt text support, but not custom emoji support... also I like the way Tootdon looks and functions better. Haha

@Canageek @tootdon I'm stranded on iOS, and tootdon is the best option here 😕

I really wish would add support for image alt text and for app icon badges, because everything else about it is pretty much perfect!

Taco Bell for lunch 👍👌

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93/100: I don't know what i like most in this dragon #origami model, designed by Armin Täubner (demonstration by Henry Louis here ): its simplicity, its dragonness 😉, its posture...whatever, it's really beautiful & easy.

Just found a cool exploit in my code at work that allows you to pull up to the PHP memory limit's worth of data from the API. By setting the quantity to 999 of an item that offers free items, I successfully pulled 4mb from the server *AND* displayed 999 duplicates of the same item choice screen in the cart!