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Robbie who?

I hooked up my one-time pad generator to's api to generate truly random pads!

Here's a documentary about the history of Tetris:

Ima make Lexiconga open source on Github again. No need to close the source til I start adding paid stuff, right?

Upgrading dependencies 😘👌

I'm still constantly surprised by the number of people who actually use Lexiconga. I just ran a report for fun and the biggest dictionary has over 900 words while the next biggest has just over 500. Crazy.

@Canageek your paranoia is definitely the right mindset! You can look at the source code here, though:
It's not the most secure it can possibly be, since it uses JavaScript's pseudorandom Math.random() function, but it should be enough if you write it down or something! It's still pretty secure. :)

Encrypting a message with a one-time pad can be the most secure form of encryption ever as long as both you and your partner don't let the pad be seen by anyone else and you either destroy it immediately after using it. It's also super easy to do!

So I made a little app that will generate it for you! Just type a message and it'll give you a one-time pad and the encrypted message!





@dmoonfire yeah, that's really surprising to me too. I feel like it'd be easier than ever now, too.

@dmoonfire yeah, that's one of the obvious flaws... there'd have to be some kind of system to sort it out, but I don't know what that'd be haha. The domain idea would never happen anyway because `.family` already exists and it's $30+/year—whoever owns that would never give it away for free.

I mainly just don't want to use SSN as an id number anymore in the US. Almost anything would be better. The domain would just be a nice addition and a good seed for the generator. :P

@dmoonfire that might work, but it'd be a little overkill. I was thinking the family name is just a vanity domain that you can register to use, and when you're born, your family chooses the relevant `.family` domain to seed your UUID generation. Other than the id gen, the domain is just available to use if you want to.

@dmoonfire you could set records for the longest domain names. :P

@DialMforMara the special thing about it is that it always exists as something you can register to for free... or something. Some asshole won't swoop in and steal your family domain and try to sell it—it's just always available.

@DialMforMara Your Unique ID wouldn't change, because your original family domain is only for generating the ID. The `.family` domain essentially acts as a vanity option in case you/your family want to do anything with it (ie set up email addresses, websites, etc). If you change your name, you just need to register with that family name instead. It's only important when it acts as a seed for your ID.

Every family name should receive a permanent `.family` top-level domain that never expires. That way, we can use UUID v5 ids tied to those domains to generate unique ids for people instead of just using your Social Security number or whatever for your identification.

Black Panther was fucking awesome. I want Wakanda to be real!

My hair is trying to be super anime today.

I love playing with synonyms to create funny terms, but if you're not careful, you can turn a cocktail into a dickbutt