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when i was a kid i HATED the idea of Online Games. i was extremely put off by the idea of them at all. because like, what kind of rich fucker can afford to pay £0.10 every single minute while playing a video game??? id prbably only be able to play it for like half an hour per month!! nobody has enough pocket money to afford that! what a rip-off!!!! TERRIBLE value!!!! bourgie garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may as well go down to the arcade and play house of the dead for that extravagant cost

@deadsuperhero I wouldn't exactly call it "energy-efficient", but less expensive than rocket or jet fuel, maybe!

I was FINALLY able to get rid of all the styrofoam and boxes that have been in our garage. Maybe 30lbs of cardboard, if I had to estimate, maybe more. I hardly know what to do with all the space I have in there now!

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Fucking iTunes is going to literally murder me

I'm just trying to sync *all* the songs on my wife's computer to her phone, just like I said. Why are you only syncing a handful of songs?

@0x1C3B00DA The problem is that most federated solutions aren't really "ready" yet. Mastodon is the most user-friendly activitypub solution so far, and that's not gonna help people who can't run their own server and don't want to join someone else's server. In contrast, setting up a blog and uploading videos to your own solution is SUPER easy. And I don't believe the entire internet will ever become completely federated. This would (try to) bridge the gap by letting you follow things wherever they are. 🤷

YouTube Music has been released. Let me tell you just one thing:

Want the best YouTube Music experience on Android? Just download #NewPipe from a trusted source (e.g. @fdroidorg) and enjoy for free, Ad-less and protecting your privacy.

Friends don't let friends be spied on by #SurveillanceCapitalism

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@descartez That's a good review for me! I've been wanting to try it and now that it's on Switch, I'm 100% on board

Ok, so about this idea (see this post's reply)—Do you think it would be worth it? It would aggregate all sorts of content, not just RSS feeds. You could have it aggregate a regular web page without a feed. It might give false updates if content gets reorganized, but... would it be useful?

Would having a tool like this make it nicer for people to leave abusive services like Youtube if content creators were able to put their content wherever they wanted?


Ugh I have an idea for an app tool that would only be helpful if the internet wasn't centralized anymore. People have their own websites and blogs or video series or whatever on separate sites, and the app would aggregate them all even if there wasn't a feed or something present by trying to diff sections of the page that looks like a list of content. It'd check periodically and queue up notifications when new content arrived. An aggregator that combines a page watcher and a feed reader. Aggre🐊

@Alamantus ...YouTube is trying to put out the fire they started through their clumsy use of algorithms to de-monetise videos their customers (advertisers) do not like...this practise encouraged creators to seek other revenue channels because YouTube ad revenue is no longer reliable.

Of course YouTube being YouTube they continue to do without thinking and pile more algorithmic gasoline on the fire.

@Alamantus This is the risk of siloed online services, and quite unsurprising because it is a deliberate business strategy: make your "free" service indispensable then force users to pay once you have them hostage.

YouTube is pulling the pin now because so many creators get more revenue from patreon and merchandise and 3rd party sponsorship than from monetizing their videos...

The plot thickens...
It seems Google may have taken down Blender's videos on YouTube because they wouldn't display ads for them.