Wow, Yooka-Laylee for Switch is actually on sale at 25% off! I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's ever been on sale in the Nintendo eshop so far!

If you play the co-op mode in super Mario party with just Bowser and his minions it becomes a team-building exercise for the Bowser corporate office

We've just released #ForkAwesome 1.1.5 with icons for @inkscape, @matrix, @pixelfed, #Syncthing and 10 others.

Wishing a happy launch day to #Pixelfed on 17th.

@Canageek @jemus42 I haven't checked out Pidgin in years! Does it integrate with Slack and RocketChat now?

@thurloat bummer! I haven't actually looked at it yet, but if that's all it is, then... bleh

@jemus42 yeah, electron is kinda wack... i wish it wasn't so popular so something lighter that uses the OS's default browser as the engine could get developed instead...

@Alamantus Related software: Rambox.

I tried both, and both are electron-juggernauts that DESTROY your RAM and technically don't do much else than wrapping the webinterfaces of each service, i.e. you tend to lose "native" features. Can be neat, can be annoying, YMMV.

This project looks neat:

It unifies a whole bunch of IM/chat services so you can just use one app, and the privacy policy seems sound.

Sounds nifty!

@Alamantus you caught a small red-pink zilly! you should name it something special.

just made a bot inspired by fishing minigames, you can @ it with 'cast' or the 🎣 emoji to catch a fish!

it's still in progress so it only has one kind of fish (in many colors) available right now, but i'll be adding a lot more as time goes on.

check it out @FishingMinigame ! #gamedev #pixelart #bots

@Yoric when I looked back through, I did also notice that the words on the side of the cards are facing the opposite direction on the Trump Cards than on the suit decks, but I don't know enough about tarot or anything to know if that's deliberate or not.

@Yoric I looked back through all the cards so far to find the comparable ones, and the difference with this one vs. the others is that this comma comes before a verb (brewing) rather than an adjective or adverb (always, surely, etc.), which is why it looks wrong to me (i.e. separating the subject and verb with a comma). You can definitely keep it though! It's clear that it's a stylistic thing that works for these cards. :)

@Yoric only one this time:
On Servant, the "a revolt, brewing?" doesn't need the comma: "a revolt brewing?"

I feel so neighborly! We've got some kids and their moms picking tons of apples from our apple tree right now. 😊

It'll be nice to have fewer apples rotting on the lawn after this lol

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