My friend at work and I are both stuck on dumb things that should be working but aren't and he just sent me this video and I'm DYING laughing over it

@dustin I was about to say "because the US version just won't feel the same no matter who's the Master" but I think you've got something with this...

I'm SO tired...

Maybe I'll check my PTO and take some time off...

@witchfynder_finder It's not a real thing in the same way that Star Wars technology isn't a real thing, but it would be cool if we could have it

"""political""", blm, angry 

So with news of the main site shutting down on September 1st, I've gone ahead and forked the I use and made it possible to specify your own Invidious instance:

@tagomago Very interesting! I'll check out that data export for sure and see if it might be helpful for @inventaire or OpenLibrary to expand their data since @Readlebee will only be storing a reference cache of books.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Skies of Arcadia: Legends was so cool. I don't remember anything at all about it, but dang, it was so cool! Definitely not gonna play it again, but man, so cool!

@setavulos I always end up taking like a full extra 2 minutes now searching all over the packaging with everything I get to make sure I'm not missing the intended way to open it lol

Ugh, hate it when you leave your drink somewhere and you go far away from it. I just made this tea I was looking forward to and left it in the kitchen before going to my computer shm

@codkelpme @Readlebee @tripofmice Yep! So long as anyone is mentioned, they'll be able to see your posts unless your server is blocked for them, but I'm pretty sure your server is fine. :)

@HTHR Does Alien count? That's the only one I've really seen, but it was cool as hell

@setavulos I'm about 6+ years in with my beard and I still play with it all the time. I think it's worth it though! Beards are cool if you're willing to put up with them lol

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