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Wait, who's Robbie again? @Alamantus@cybre.space

Oh man I really wish y'all would some of these hilarious so I could boost them.

It's easy! When you add an (any image) to a toot, click the bottom of the image and add text saying what's in it. Some clients also support this, though how they do it is up to the client—in my experience, tapping the image will usually give you the opportunity to caption it.

You can also describe the image in the toot itself, if that works for that toot!

Federated is world chat and Local is your guild, got it

@nolan @chr stupid iOS 😢 I don't understand the workarounds some of the folks on the github issue are talking about, either, so I'm stuck with the native apps 😕

pinafore fans (or fans of single column social media experiences), you can now access a local version of @nolan 's alternate mastodon ui here: pinafore.cybre.space/

@chr @nolan
Dammit iPhone. I can't use it as a home page app because the homepage version has its own local storage/cookies and adding an instance forces a jump over to the regular Safari app 😭

@DialMforMara @Canageek
Well I can at least vouch for Amaroq, if it's available on iPad. The only limitation is that it doesn't show the custom emojos. You can still type them if you know the name wrapped in colons, but that's pretty inconvenient :P

@DialMforMara @Canageek
(Also, from what the Tootdon devs say, they cache toots for only a limited time and only for improved searching from within Tootdon)

@Canageek I'll let you know

Unfortunately, I'm stranded on iOS, so Tootdon and Amaroq are the only viable options 😕

Friends at large who require vision assistance, is describing an image within a toot an acceptable substitute for image descriptions/alt-text?

I really want to use Tootdon as my main Mastodon app again, but it inexplicably /still/ doesn't have the ability to add alt-text to images :blobsad:

@Cobalt @tootdon
Dang it, why?? I prefer Tootdon, but I switched from it because I wanted image alt text and only Amaroq does it on iOS...

Whoa the @tootdon app finally got an update?? Maybe it can do picture alt text now??? Brb gonna check

Ok, I was going to write a how-to guide to Mastodon, but someone already did exactly what I was going to write, with better pictures then I was going to use:



At least one person offered to send me a few bucks if I took the time to write it, so um, yeah, send Kev the money instead.

It's The Pack!

My wife's parents' on the left and my good on the right.

The two in the middle pulled on the leash THE ENTIRE TIME we were at the 😜

We went to the and they had this really cool lure course for your to play with, and HOO BOY Peekaboo went NUTS for this thing. And she's SO FAST! Every dog in the vicinity was barking and trying to get in there to chase the thing lol

Enjoy a video of her catching the lure!

(For the curious, the lure course is by , and their pre-ordering a home system for like $250, delivering in December)

Wow! the left, a painting of Albert Square Manchester by the French painter Pierre Adolphe Valette, and on the right a photo of the same spot in 2018

@Gallowglass @kepstin
Thanks for the help, friends!

I'm probably gonna go with a Crucial MX500 SSD. I have to wait a little bit before I'm able to spend the money, but I'm gonna spring the cost for a 500GB drive because my laptop only has one slot for hard drives... In a perfect world, I'd do my OS on SSD and the rest on a hybrid drive, but alas, my options are limited.