@HTHR Exactly! Nobody ever specified that an alive human was required at the end

What I'm saying is that school is trying to kill you.

@HTHR *mentally*, perhaps, but keep putting that pressure on and eventually that carbon will physically become diamonds

or something

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I just finished a CPR/AED class at work, and I hope I'm never with someone in a situation where I'd need to use it!

I'm thinking of changing the primary color of the GUTS+ website to this nice purple instead of the teal that it's currently got?

It's , it was in my swatch when I opened GiMP today, and I have *no idea* what it's from, but I really kinda like it!


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@viciousviscosity pretty darn close! There's been a several-month lull in the stuff I want to do at work, but it's the kind of job that generally does what I want to do!

@viciousviscosity I'd make all different kinds of websites and software and stuff fueled by other people's designs and ideas while being able to freely make my own stuff on the side!

@witchfynder_finder this is so good! I wish I had things like that to wear sometimes.

Coming Soon:

A full, nicely formatted, and, dare I say, beautiful #book for the GUTS+ system! It's got all the stuff that's on the website, but in 2 columns and with nice, stylized pictures throughout!

I've worked hard getting it just right, and it's almost ready. When I get everything squared away, I'm planning on selling the PDF via Itch.io and also (hopefully) Drive Thru RPG for the print-on-demand option!

If you follow me here, you'll hear when it's ready!


the speck on my glasses: 🤔

me: *wipes my glasses*

the speck on my glasses: :thinking_happy:

Polyglot.city is once again open for registrations!

We want to foster a community of language learners and language enthusiasts, thus we're using the new invitation request model for new users. Just point out your interest in languages, and you'll get an invite.


#language #languages #languagelearning #multilingualism #translator #translating #PolyglotCity #polyglot #instances

This game is pretty much the full realization of my Trade Winds game plus a lot more and set in space instead of the high seas, and I kind of love it so far. It's very inspiring to me for potential Trade Winds improvements, plus it runs on very low hardware specs which is always a plus for me!

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