is an excellent resource!! It tracks a ton of different categories to help you know what happens in different media without spoiling it! It's like PluggedIn without the connection to an abusive religious institution!

Whew, I'm prepping for GM-ing by organizing and expanding upon everything I've written for my online campaigns into an adventure book that I can maybe sell someday. I know this isn't optimal, but it serves 2 purposes: reacquaint myself with ideas I liked in the past and give me something to read when I can't improvise.

It's going well so far, and I think it's a good idea for me, but boy is it tiring!

USPol; Warren + 

Looking for something a little different to read?

Not content with building a service to store your indie e-books, I also thought I'd sell the ones I love too!

Take a look at our sister site Scarlet Ferret, for amazing e-books with FREE digital extras. With 80% of the profit going back to the author, where it belongs.

100% curated, DRM-free, and in multiple formats for all devices.

Buy your next favourite book from our launch line-up today!

8 Stages of Settler-Colonial Denial

1) We didn't exist
2) If we did, we weren't here
3) if we were, we didn't use the land
4) If we did, we didn't deserve it
5) If we did, we lost it
6) If we didn't, it doesn't matter any more
7) If it does, we need to move on
8) If we can't, we are you


Unknown source, but I like it.

Wheeee! I just converted the framework from CSSNext to Sass/SCSS, which means you can split it down into even TINIER outputs if you exclude pieces you don't need! Not that you really *need* it smaller with a 583b gzipped size...

Alright, I just want to gauge interest for now, but...

I'm thinking of setting up a local RPG group in Denver/Littleton, Colorado specifically to run my Mother Earth GUTS+ ( campaign with in person. I still need to figure out details and make sure I'd be able to actually commit to it, but I'd really love to share this game with more people, and my current RPG group is too busy!

Would you be interested in & willing to join such an endeavor?

#pleaseBoost #TTRPG #GUTSPlus

Dang, I love this game so much!

If you haven't played Tiny Islands by David King, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go play it as soon as you can!

I've finally finished a HUGE update to my #Zirka #conlang/codelang and its JavaScript plugin! It alters a ton of the characters and adds the IPA into the mix to help with pronunciation!

I still need to redo the cool cursive script I had before updating everything, but that'll be a pretty big project now that the letters are so different. The next step, though, will probably be to move everything into a font so the RTL display doesn't freak out anymore...


Petition to ban or otherwise remove all doorbell-like noises on all audio-producing platforms so that my dogs will stop being fooled into barking like maniacs every time it plays on the TV.

I found a super nice, ridiculously tiny CSS framework called "lit" and its addon "util" the other day and spent some time transforming it into "lighter" with its optional addon "fuel". I changed some colors, added some features, and I'm planning to convert it to Sass soon so it can be extended more easily!

I'll have to work to get it as light as the original repo again, but it seems doable!

@chr I KNEW something felt off about the pyramids scene... I was pretty sure the city was right there, but now it's confirmed!



@chr Yaaaaayy! This is awesome!!

@tootapp Any chance we'll see a way to increase the default post limit in the Toot! app for instances?

Shit, I can't remember how to unmute people in the Toot! app!

@Gina Same! I'm not looking forward to the inevitable Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie the Game, though... πŸ˜†

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