@sean I know it's not accessible for everyone, but I just installed the News RSS reader app for Nextcloud and it enables grabbing full text from arbitrary subscriptions! It's been miraculous for getting past these dumb excerpt publications. Maybe there are other feed readers that can do that for free, too?

@MediaFormat Oh wow, that's a pretty recent request! I'll keep an eye on that and see if I can do anything to contribute. Thanks!

Well, I guess I need to make a few arbitrary React projects to show off on GitHub just to further prove that I know how to use it...

Fantasy nerds please syop talking about realism when you mean internal consistency, these are different things

Can anyone who has tried (or is using) Social tell me if it's a good experience? Are there mobile apps (iOS) that support it or is it only usable in the browser?

Asking before I start using it so I don't clutter up my server...

Oh awesome! I can sync my Joplin notes with NextCloud too! I've taken another tiny baby step toward de-googling my life :)

The leaves have changed and now they're a-fallin' πŸƒπŸ‚πŸ

I like the way they sound as they hit each other. It's like a more brittle-sounding rain ❀️

pet health + 

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works just fine and is actually extremely easy to install (especially when using Snap) and I'm just a big stupid moron!!!!

pet health 

@noiob That's a good point. The client would have to do a bit of heavy lifting for certain things like searching via an index or something (but that would be filenames onlyβ€”anything further would essentially be re-doing Nextcloud). Sharing links to files could be done via a little API that could be combined with a web server that makes the files accessible to download normally with tricks here and there to enable password restriction and things like that... It would have to be very simple, but it could be nice.

What if instead of a special cloud file storage thing there was just a gorgeous FTP file browser that behaved like your Dropbox/Google Drive/Nextcloud/whatever? Is that anything?

God forbid something just works correctly after following the instructions, I guess.

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Well, I couldn't install Seafile. Every time I tried to run the seahub.sh script, it was never able to create the admin account, and I have no idea why. I worked at it for like 3 hours and there's no information for why the error happened anywhere on the internet, apparently. So I give up. This shit isn't worth the trouble.

I fixed a bug in Lexiconga today. It's so incredibly nice to have users who report problems with enough detail!

@amolith lol good. Some people get super excited about Readlebee and I have to remind them just to be safe πŸ˜†

Little Library's AP support is mainly for allowing people to follow the shelf, which posts updates whenever someone adds a book to the shelf or removes one. That way followers can know when new books become available/unavailable!

Whenever someone claims a book, the record is immediately moved to the history so people can see what had been on the shelf and see the previous uploader's comments. Then when the next person finishes and re-uploads the book, it creates an entirely new entry and file. If that person cheats and uploads it multiple times, a new entry and file is created for each upload. So taken books are on a separate page than take-able books, if that makes sense.

@amolith @awalvie Just FYI, @Readlebee is still pretty early in development (as far as progress goes), but I certainly have high hopes for it! πŸ˜„

Someday Little Library will have ActivityPub support (it's close, I just have one hurtle to get past and haven't had a chance to get back to it), but for now any instances are their own island. I do also have one set up at library.alamantus.com in case you didn't see it and want to try it out with some live books! 😊

Got a Costco-sized bag of baking soda and the only thing it talks about on the bag is cleaning. Not once does it mention baking or cooking of any kind

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