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Ugh, god, when the hell is Readlebee going to be ready? I want to use it so badly!

Ah, I think I finally understand Server-Side Rendering for JS frameworks, so I suppose I ought to do that for so it doesn't just load a blank page if someone has JavaScript turned off on their browser.

It's been about 1 year since I started working on @Readlebee, so I wrote a blog post about my experience so far:

TL;DR: the development process is very different than what I'm used to because I'm trying to do it "right," and that slow process has been discouraging, but I'm hopeful that I'll get something to show for my work relatively soon.

I tend to pre-write a bunch of code without testing it each step of the way. Most of the time it works just fine and how I want, but with some of the stuff I wrote for earlier, it did not lol

Thank goodness I'm also good at debugging my stuff! 馃槄

I'm excited to get back to working on so I can share book reviews more easily here... Unfortunately, I'm going to have to finish the actual app before I add support because I'm still a little hazy on getting the protocol completely working.

Now that I'm finally just focusing on getting to a presentable state instead of worrying about late-stage problems, I'm actually making headway again! I'm about halfway through shelf management!

Ok so I need to just build the fucking app just like every other app I make and worry about federation and all this extra shit I've been worrying about. I'm going to stop worrying about what's "best" and just finally *DO IT* and then clean it up later because I'm tired of having this burden of not having anything presentable because I'm frozen in fear of doing something wrong.

It's time to get stuff done and tidy it up later.

Self doubt fueled by lack of sleep 

I'm realizing just /how much/ help I'm going to need on the project... this is a very large task, and I'm really going to need help implementing features beyond the barebones functionality of book tracking, comments, and reviews. The concept of federations is overwhelming me at this moment, so I'm really hoping that some people will be able to come to my aid when the time comes.

I'm primarily a front end developer, and all this back end stuff is torture!

I just spent all of tonight and most of this morning contributing to and improving the `sequelize-erd` project specifically so I could visualize the database structure I've set up for so far:

In the end, it was very worth it because it showed not just the /structure/, but also how Sequelize /interprets/ what I set up, so I was able to fix a bunch of errors because of it! 馃コ

I started actually reading through the Sequelize docs so I could learn how it actually worked, and it turns out that knowing how to use things is helpful for using them!

Moving forward with should be much nicer now that I actually know how to query the data correctly...

Ok, my current idea for data structure is to split the unified "Status" table into two double-duty tables that store Ratings+Reviews and Updates+Progress. That way it'll be a little bit easier to manage than just trying to split from one table.

I still need to figure out what to do about books, though... I want to be able to target specific editions for reviews, but I don't want a ton of repetition in the database... using editions from Inventaire could work, but it's...

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Gah, I'm hitting a huge snag with shelf items because I haven't fully worked out book references yet. I may need to refactor the database again鈥擨 think I need more tables and a better way to think about the data structure... I was hoping I could keep the database relatively small/clever, but I'm seeing now that it won't really be possible with such a large project...

I have a headache from trying to figure it out right now... time for a break so I can process and mull over options.

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Well, my wife is going out tonight, which means it's dev time! I probably won't stream it this time, but I should hopefully be able to finish shelves, shelf items, and maybe even get started on book references!

I'm excited to see how much I can get done!

Should I write 's front end in instead of what I'm currently using for professional skill-building purposes and maybe a greater range of developer familiarity, or should I keep using the tiny framework I'm currently using that I love called that's easy to learn and understand anyway and that everyone ought to be using instead.

Using a big JS library without reading through the docs first is not something I'd recommend, and yet here I am fumbling through setting up for ...

I can't figure out how to both set up a table's column order AND specify a foreign key on one of the columns, and nothing I've found online is helping me figure it out... I know column order isn't super important, but I CARE, dammit!

Ugh, I need to stop waiting until I have time to work on and start making time when I'm feeling competent. Whenever I wait until I have time, I end up not being in the right mindset. 馃槥

Alright, friends, I'm gonna get streaming! Hop in for some cool tunes and some code!

I WAS going to play the Megaman 25th birthday remix album "For Everlasting Peace" from folks on OCRemix in the background, but it's the first one I've encountered that's not a free album! I can't just drop $10 like that, so the tunes for this stream will be "Arcadia Legends", a Skies of Arcadia remix arrangement album instead! Pretty orchestral and chill. 馃槉

I'm planning on streaming some development on Thursday at around 7 or 8 pm Mountain Time, so stay tuned if you're interested! As it gets closer, I'll post the exact time and the link!

My wife leaves for an out-of-state conference next Wednesday through Sunday, so expect a whole bunch of dev streaming during that time!

I'm gonna be lonely af because I always am and I won't be able to manage my time correctly or go to bed at a reasonable time, so I hope some of you lot will be able to keep me some company in the evenings!

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