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Alright, here's where you can play my 2021 submission in all its incomplete glory:

I intend to finish it ASAP and update the page when it's ready!

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Here's the I've made for the title screen! It's spooky and foreboding to set the tone for trying to escape a dream labyrinth!

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Leave it to my work friend to convince me to just think simple. I looked at Pixi.js for the first time today, and it looks like it has exactly everything I need and very little more, unlike Phaser, which has a LOT more than I'd ever use.

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Boy I miss working with Game Maker. There's no other game engine that I know of that integrates every single tool you need into its own IDE including basic sprite editor, sound recorder, and so much more!

It's so excellent to have everything in one program so you can quickly iterate and visualize things without having 10 different programs running... then once you have the basics in place, you can easily go back and replace placeholders with nice things.

The Defold game engine, originally created and used by King (the company behind Candy Crush), has just gone open source! This is very exciting news because it finally brings a great workflow with Lua scripting out of the shadows, allowing us to see its inner workings and know that nothing negative is going on in the code!

In a mobile game where you collect ephemeral resources on a map influenced by geo-coordinates (like Pokemon Go) in order to create potions that you sell, what would be more fun?

1) Same resources on all players' maps, but every player has unique potion formulas
2) Same resources, and same formulas
3) Different maps & resources for all players, but the same formulas
4) Different maps AND different formulas for all players

Alright friends, I've done it!
The RMA Games Collection is now available to download on!

It's 7 unmodified games from when I first started making games with Game Maker 4 that actually have win/lose conditions. They're spectacularly lackluster, and I love them.

My personal favorite is Dragon Adventure, the most "polished" of them all—it also has commentary of mine from 2014! The rest is just a time capsule for me.

I hope you enjoy the peek into my past! 🤗

I've got distribution and card worth concepts, and battle rules!

What do you think of what I've got so far? Is it something you people might be interested in at all?

I... have an idea for a weird collectible card game that has a limited number of cards (say 10k or maybe 1M?), but you can merge 2 cards into 1 new, better card, which releases the used cards back into the pool of cards. You can then use the cards to battle, but the rules are randomized slightly each time and both (all?) players shuffle their deck into one mega deck that they use to draw hands. There's still stuff to work out, but it sounds strangely compelling to me...

Alright, so that potion making game got too conceptually overwhelming when trying to think of real potion components, so instead, I'm gonna do general component types in a variety of colors like red berry, blue reed, etc. That'll provide more than plenty possibilities plus it'll be much easier to procedurally generate!

I'm also considering a persistent map so you can always go back to a tree or field of flowers you found previously and just have to wait for things to grow back!

If you have any after playing , let me and/or @descartez know! This is just the first version of the game and needs plenty of testing!

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One of my biggest in is including the word "pixel" in the title of your game when it uses pixel art. Like, come on, is that really all your game has going for it? Pixel art? There's ALWAYS a better title—pixel art is an art style, not a draw to playing the game.

Hook me with a good title and pull me in with a good game. "Pixel Boats" or "Pixel Shopkeeper" does nothing to make me want to play your game! All it does is tell me what the game might kinda look like.

Oh time again?

I’m Robbie, a who makes super niche-specific (, a who made some and is making and (, and a and enthusiast who’s made some (, and is interested in non-English languages (!

I also have 2 cute I post pictures of sometimes. 😊

I'm trying to prepare game components (card art, specifically) for's card templates, and boy is it tedious

Omg I finally finished gathering the pieces I need to finally play test my new game rules! Aaaa

Thank God "classic" Risk has just a shitton of colored cubes and that literally everyone in the world has a copy of the literal worst game in the whole world to use the money from!!

Make a huge game where you can see islands in the distance, but just make the islands billboards that grow as you get closer until the player is close enough to have the camera render the island model. That way you can save rendering resources while still letting the player navigate by sight

Ooohh the LOWREZJAM is happening again!

I don't think I'll be able to participate this year, but this is what I made last year:

It was tons of fun, and I really wish I had more time to work on another game jam, but I don't think I will again any time soon...

Somehow Card Clash is a little bit popular on (in the physical games section, at least), so I figure I ought to share it here, because I don't think I've done it yet:

It's part of a 2-player print & play contest on BoardGameGeek, and voting opens June 16 so there's plenty of time to play all the entries!

So try out the games if you can! And if you try mine, I'd love feedback! :)

And here's my post!

Hi! I'm Robbie, a professional web developer, hobby game developer, and & enthusaist. I code with and , and occasionally when I'm using . I have 2 cute dogs, and I like tabletop & video games. I grew up with Nintendo, and I'm married to a hot editor/ESL teacher.

I recently updated my portfolio site (, so check that out if you wanna see cool stuff I've done.

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