Why the *fuck* is this a thing?

How did we as a species allow this to happen?

I just found this on my Imgur account from a long time ago so I don't know where it's from, but honestly, it's still really good advice for people using the internet!

This styling for Little Library is coming along quite nicely! There are a few things I don't know how to handle, but this should be totally adequate! 😄

I ended up going to the fastest and most anti-social restaurant I've ever seen in the US, and it was pretty freaking cool. It's a bao restaurant called "Wow Bao", and you just swipe your credit card, make your order, and it's delivered to a cubby after (in my experience) 1 minute where you just tap, grab your food, and leave. Pretty awesome!

Plus the cubbies themselves had these cool see-through screens on them that I liked a lot.

I made it to the Nutella Cafe! Banana crepes and Nutella afogado with "Everything is Awesome" playing in the background. This is pretty great!

CW: eye contact; food

I passed by this place the other day and I really wanna go, but I don't know if I want to walk all the way there in the snow...

Ehh I'll probably do it anyway.

I don't have a good way to grab screenshots of my GCW Zero's screen, but this Ostrelephant from Mother 3 was too good not to share 😆

We just took some time to actually *look* through the stuff we had, and dang! We're gonna start sewing and embroidering again!

Now that's tempting...

Not gonna get it, but crazy that it's available!

My wife got an air hockey table for Christmas because she's wanted one for a long time, and I finally was able to put it together for her! 😄

I FINALLY replaced the power switch on my GCW Zero console, and it actually works!!

It was my first time soldering something, and I was terrified I would burn the board or something, but it actually worked and I'm soooo happy I have this thing back!

Now I'm never gonna open this thing up again and hope that I never have to use my soldering iron ever again!

Making some pretty good progress on the little library! You can add and remove books without trouble!

Now I just need to make sure when a book is removed, it's removed for everyone looking so they don't think it's still available if they haven't reloaded the page since it was taken...

Cool to see that Git, the source control manager, is finally branching out to Indian food!

This is a testament to how well my idea for rendering arbitrary HTML for character sheets works. I just built out a full HTML version of the GUTS+ character sheet and just pasted it into the sheet editor, and boom! It barely fits into the bounds for the width, but it does actually work!

Checkboxes and radio buttons don't work quite yet, but this is pretty amazing for a first attempt, if I do say so myself!

What is this Stonehenge-ass shit they're building over here

You're doing it wrong

You're supposed to use stone, not metal

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