Exhibit B

I've literally disabled all security features and their tracking garbage is SO bad that it gets blocked in every single browser I attempt to use anyway!

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Guaranteed and Proven Ways to get me to do everything in my power to avoid ever using your website again

Exhibit A

They sell some actually pretty nice plants at IKEA! 🤯 This already pretty big corn plant was only $25!

Oh cool, cool thanks . Copyright sucks. I'm so angry. and sad. It's just a one-off print, but nope. Ugh.

I spent way too much time on this thing just to get it rejected... This sucks.

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Here's what the PopSocket preview looks like! I'm super excited! I added the Moon and some stars to make the sky not look empty. I really wish I could save the image positioning so I could order them for other people, too!

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My sweet Peekaboo is going under anesthesia for a dental procedure that might extract up to 3 teeth (depending on x-ray results) in just 7 hours 😢 Please send any and all thoughts, prayers, and good vibes her way so it goes perfectly well! 💖



Why??? I have plenty of space on the drive, and the drive is fine and usable, and it got to this point without issue! What's going on?! 😭

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I'm on TikTok now because I missed Vine so much (and Byte doesn't have enough users) that I settled.

I made this one this morning!

CW: eye contact; overused music

Help I have to use these apples from my tree before they rot! 😭 they're all hail damaged, and I don't have space in my refrigerator to preserve them 😭😭😭

I'm rinsing them and planning to make apple butter, but I'm just one man. What uses a shitton of apples and doesn't require peeling?

And here's the I made to play on the Help screen. I figured I'd share it here because there are some people who might never look at that screen.

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Here's the I've made for the title screen! It's spooky and foreboding to set the tone for trying to escape a dream labyrinth!

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Hey I don't know shit about , but I have a wallet only because Keybase gave a bunch away a couple years ago for some reason. Today I got a message that some random account wanted to initiate a transfer of this amount of (?), and looking at the Network Explorer shows the same account (wallet?) has initiated an awful lot of similar transfers at the same time.

Is this a scam somehow? (I mean, beyond the whole concept of cryptocurrency being a scam?)

Here's my pathetic attempt to recreate the beautiful cover art in limited pixels... Even though it's nowhere near as nice, it's not actually that bad!

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Instead of working on game mechanics, I made level intro animations! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!!

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Here's what I've got so far!
It's pretty simple: use the cards to navigate through the maze. The card you choose is discarded, and the other cards go to the bottom of the deck. You can optionally hold a card so it won't go back to the deck.

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We finally took the kayaks out today, and it was super nice! A lot more relaxing than I expected, too.

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