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Delicious food, good memories Show more

Aaaa so windy today!! 😱😱😱

I did spend/waste a good 2–3 hours trying to set up an invoicing system on my local machine just to give up and use a free online service instead... at least I got something like a personal logo out of it! 👍

Windows updates have been 100% complete for like 10 minutes now



Alright, yeah! As it should be!

"Step 1: Print this page"

... 🤔


"Print this page"

........... :thonking:

I replaced the fence post that the dogs broke! Also, when it snowed, it broke that tree branch off our tree, which turns out to be a great deterrent for the pups barking at that part of the fence! 👍

Nice! Pokémon Go is good again!

I guess this guy's making a shitton very lightly flavored mango ice cream?

My coworker 3D printed this and the hinges work straight off the printing plate. Amazing!

In other news, Peekaboo lay down on the pet cot for the first time today—that's a year and a half of just lying on the hard floor outside instead of being comfortable by choice!

I got now joycons for my Switch and I love them!!
I got covers for them but I had to sand down the plastic to get the little bumper attachments to work, but now they work great and I love it 😄

Aaaa the dice I backed on Kickstarter like a year ago finally came!

We rescued a lost doggy today. His owner was beside herself worried, but we were able to reunite them very quickly! 😊

My hair is trying to be super anime today.

We just got the dna test back for my , Peekaboo! Apparently, she’s a Labrador retriever / bloodhound mix, a “labloodhound”, according to this:

I’m shocked she’s not got more breeds in her! She’s not “warm and affable” as that web page says, but she’s probably been abused in the past, making her scared of everything. She is very sweet and wonderful at home, though! ❤️❤️