This crow was very confused by this owl statue on our building at work. It kept tilting its head and looking it up and down like "What are you doing? Why won't you respond to me?? :'( "

Why buy a car when you could buy a single fucking bottle of scotch???

My mother-in-law got us ultimate VIP tickets to this comedian we like, John Crist, and we got to meet and take pictures with him and we are in the second row. Whew, this is super close to the stage!

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Oh cool, I found where all the cats in Denver are manufactured

Nvm there's a huge fuckin line. No Italian Starbucks

Boutta go visit Italy's very first Starbucks!

I hear it's crazy

Figuring out how to use this fuckin thing

Gotta have coffee for the morning and this is all I've got at this Airbnb right now!

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Went to Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and Popolo plaza yesterday evening!

Today we go to Pompeii by way of Naples! :)

This little was checking out our tree today! It's up a little high to find any reliable source of bugs, but it was cool to see its process, climbing around and listening.

I've seen woodpecker holes farther down the tree before, where the most bugs are, but this little friend apparently didn't get the memo.

They had these beautifully illustrated copies of full books at Costco when I went today! They're gigantic, printed 2 columns per page, and have illustrations all throughout. And it's the full text! Could you imagine how long that would take to make? Formatting the book and making the art? Dang.

I would love to be a kid and read/have this read to me!

Poor little Peekaboo skinned part of her paw pad somehow, so we had to wrap up her paw with a bandage (pink for the princess, obvs) to cover some Neosporin on a gauze pad. She hates it 😂

I personally like dragons a lot, but I did take this picture for @chr

Hand pies are the pinnacle of human cuisine. Every culture has a version of it (probably), and they're always the best and most convenient thing you can eat wherever you go.

Behold, a food truck selling this, objectively the best of foods!

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