Shoutout to that time last month when I got 17 identical emails from Microsoft reminding me of the upcoming charge I'd get in a month

Japanese curry with chicken katsu is the best possible way to end a long, annoying week πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€€

(Image is of said curry)


Professional Web Developer skills that must be attained!

Messages like these are just one reason I'm very happy with my current co-worker and, by proxy, my job.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Enjoy these pictures of my beautiful little doggies in front of the Christmas tree.

I got drift on my beloved green joy con πŸ˜”

I've done all that I can short of opening it up and replacing the stick (recalibration from the Switch & swabbing underneath the hat with isopropyl alcohol), so the next step is sending it in to Nintendo to get it fixed... because I'm not gonna open it up myself!

I baked this many gingerbread cookies for the past three hours tonight for a holiday party tomorrow

I just found some very formative and important books from my youth, which led me to rediscover a very important fictional documentary called Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real (The Last Dragon in the UK).

I was obsessed with dragons, and after learning about how they could have existed when I was young, I'm still convinced that it's entirely possible they did in some form!

Work is mentally and emotionally exhausting right now... here's a picture of my dogs from Pogo's 6th birthday on Monday.

Peekaboo *hates* wearing the party hat, and the streamer wrapped around her rendered her completely immobile!

What the fuck kind of bullshit hazing process are you trying to pull, Instant Pot brand?!

708 ml or 23.9 oz?!? Fucking WHAT?!?!

Well here's a FUNexpected surprise: my dog is the one that destroyed my garden!

I accidentally learned how to crochet today at the Evolving Faith conference, and this little single-finger warmer is the result! It's cool that I can do this now!

It's my very first conference! The Evolving Faith conference 2019, which is starting off with lots of tears because of Rachel Held Evans' premature death earlier this year, should be really interesting because it'll be my first time physically in the same space as people who hold the different views of faith that I've learned about in recent years.

I hope I can learn a lot more about my faith because of this!

Hello fediverse. I just touched an Icelandic glacier. Did you know there's just gigantic hunks of ice lying around all over this place??

Also, pretty much all the dirt in Iceland is just black because it's volcanic. It's wild!

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