Holy fucking shit, my childhood just came RUSHING back

are rad

What is this Stonehenge-ass shit they're building over here

You're doing it wrong

You're supposed to use stone, not metal

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This is not even a small amount of food!!

(Pictured: pulled pork sandwich piled with coke slaw, a pickle spear, a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and an ice cream cone)

exploded all over my desk and I'm gonna win a contest because of it!

Someone turned the big Oh-Five today! Happy Birthday, little Pogo boy! 🎉🎂 (He's the one on the left)

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We got Peekaboo a new little couch bed! She loves it! 😄

This news site in Denver: it's sure is nice that weather is always good here in Colorado

Time of year: is winter in Colorado

This news site in Denver: [pikachu meme]

Holy shit, you guys!

That bottle of scotch I posted a while back is ON SALE now!! It only costs a brand-new, low-end Toyota now instead of a mid-range one now!

This crow was very confused by this owl statue on our building at work. It kept tilting its head and looking it up and down like "What are you doing? Why won't you respond to me?? :'( "

Why buy a car when you could buy a single fucking bottle of scotch???

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