Oh my god. I'm an idiot. The BandCamp app for iOS can shuffle your whole collection. It just wasn't clear to me because I'm not used to the heart icon representing my collection πŸ˜–

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Wow I'm almost a real gamer now. All I need is a computer that can play any of the games I own.

This is the cover I made for the novel in the GNU Image Manipulation Program long ago using like the basic things and a font I really liked, by the way.

Graphic design is my passion! 🌈

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The leaves have changed and now they're a-fallin' πŸƒπŸ‚πŸ

I like the way they sound as they hit each other. It's like a more brittle-sounding rain ❀️

Truckers Against Trafficking is holding a special live streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign on September 25 (Tomorrow!), 26, and 27th, and I'm going to be a player! If you're able to donate, you can affect the story and characters in different ways! But even if you can't donate, you can watch the live stream on the TAT Facebook page (I know, Facebook, bleh, sorry).

Check out the fundraiser page for all the links and details:


What a great Pokemon though, like damn, good boy, Ivysaur

Also, Herbizarre? What a spectacularly good alternate name for this fantastic boy

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@wheretofindme @wlonk First off, I just want to say thank you so much for ! Such an excellent idea and service.

Next, I just wanted to let you know that I think your FontAwesome implementation isn't completely working. At the very least, it's not displaying Mastodon and Keybase icons (and looking at Kit's page also Diaspora). I'm using Firefox if that's helpful to know.

I forgot to post this the other day, but my local Costco had these 3 beautiful Zelda manga volumes for sale and I couldn't resist getting all of them! I've seen random panels from them posted online over the years, but never the full thing! 🀩

My new desk setup at home! Now I can have one monitor each for home and work!

I've been growing my hair out and it's finally almost long enough to look good! It's super foreign to feel it on the back of my neck, though.

(Selfie, CW: eye contact)

Why is my doing this?? Tilting down from the top registers as down, but tilting down from the cap DOESN'T! It doesn't make sense, does it??? Can anyone explain what's happening here?

I'm fairly confident I've successfully identified these that grow in the middle of my yard as mica caps (Coprinellus micaceus) thanks to the help of this super easy to follow identification guide: mushroomexpert.com/major_group

I'm super tempted to cook them and see what they taste like, but I'm terrified of the possibility that I'm wrong, so I probably won't ever do it... I've read elsewhere that the taste is "indistinct" but that they're "high in potassium"! Also that within 1–3 hours of being picked, they "dissolve into an inky black spore-filled liquid" so you have to cook them ASAP after picking them to prevent the liquefication. Also, they smell kinda funny, so no thanks...

Mushrooms are TERRIFYING! πŸ„

Ugh, this stupid fucking bird is both too smart and too stupid for the tape stripes to deter it! It's flying up over the stripes to attack the reflection above!!! I had to literally put up a ton of cardboard over the glass to cover it completely. 😞

I hate this.

Stop trying to hurt your reflection, idiot!

What the ever living fuck is this beautiful robin trying to accomplish with my front door?? He's been hammering at it every morning for days and now that I have video of it, I'm even more confused!!

And then when I open the door, it flies off and stares at me from a tree branch at the end of the walkway! What do you want???

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