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Robbie who?

My hair is trying to be super anime today.

We just got the dna test back for my , Peekaboo! Apparently, she’s a Labrador retriever / bloodhound mix, a “labloodhound”, according to this:

I’m shocked she’s not got more breeds in her! She’s not “warm and affable” as that web page says, but she’s probably been abused in the past, making her scared of everything. She is very sweet and wonderful at home, though! ❤️❤️

Successful breakfast experiment!

I did the painting thing and depending on the angle or expression, I kinda look like this general guy, king David, or some goofy hairy dude.

Made some fuckin excellent chicken tortilla soup and tortilla chips for dinner tonight. 😍

Lmao apparently my just stay in this one exact spot every time they go to doggy daycare, because every time I look at them on the camera, Peekaboo is sitting facing the camera and Pogo is standing facing away. Play, you little dorks, play! 🙄😆

Lol my parents just sent my wife and I some fun socks they saw, and I love them! I’ve never had my own fun socks before! 😄

First time using our new pressure cooker to make cashew chicken based on a slow cooker recipe... smells good—will report on taste soon!

I haven’t posted my in a while, so here’s them all clean and invigorated! ❤️

My very first Christmas lights, hung up all by myself! 😄🎄

Think I gotta call bs on “made from scratch” here

You can’t expect me to believe that a $2 lean cuisine was made by some person who combined the ingredients necessary to create pasta, meatballs, and gravy, cooked it all, and scooped it into a million separate little microwave containers...


Are there cute little robot chefs that make food from scratch now!? And nobody told me?!?!

One of the hardest-to-find beers in the US tastes like a regular old IPA 🤐

I got my very own Ivysaur from the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo! And also a squishy Ditto ❤️

The statue of Hachikō, Japan’s goodest boy, plus some cats a guy randomly threw up with him.

I just died and went to curry heaven. Turns out it’s at まんてん (Manten) Curry, this little hole in the wall restaurant in Tokyo! They only make curry with different amounts of of tempura meat, and it’s fucking amazing. I can’t even appropriately express how good it is.

Japanese curry is just the best thing in the whole goddamn world. I want it to be the last thing I eat before I die and also the only thing I ever eat every day of my life.

Dog cafes are awesome!! 🐶❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😄