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My wife got me new shirts and I love them!

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Beer from a brewery + dogs = Colorado, basically

This is a fucking UNFORGIVABLE amount of packaging just to put together 3 dining room chairs.

On the plus side, we got new dining room chairs!

Holy shit, my mom in California just posted this on Facebook with this text:
"I put one of the fresh apples off of our tree in my car yesterday morning. It looked very much like the Apple on the left. After it sat in the car all day in the heat, it was totally baked. See the Apple on the right. ☠️ Be sure not to leave your pet or child or elderly family member in a car in this heat even “with the windows cracked” or even “just for a few minutes.” It gets deadly hot in there!"

Oh no! This alarm is in trouble! Someone help!😨 based on its clock, I think the trouble is that it's living in either the past or the future! 😱

The cases for my video games all follow a pretty consistent theme

(Maybe posting this with the pic will make this actually make sense.)

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1 year ago, my dogs and my in-laws' dogs created an original renaissance painting by being trapped behind a pet gate

Good lord this just swept in out of nowhere. And it's still going! :S

Baby Coal in action! He's already mastered the stairs, and at such a young age!

Coal is sleeping more, which is nice. And after actually taking the time to sleep downstairs with him instead of trying to keep him in his crate, he slept for at least 2 hours at a time! Still not ideal for someone who has to work, but now we know for sure it's our problem that we can't take care of him and not his. 😕 he's a cutie and a sweetheart and a very good baby puppy. I hope someone else is able to foster him soon.

Coal's lucky he's a cute baby , otherwise all this peeing in the house business would not bode well for him. He's really not that bad, and he's already getting the hang of this "potty training" thing. But it's still hard! Luckily, he's bound to be adopted soon—I'd be shocked if it took longer than one week! Just look at that face!

This is Coal, the we're fostering! For some reason, the rescue spells his name "Cole", which is an obvious mistake—look at that little lump of coal ❤️

This ring was just found behind the baseboard trim in our house while the construction people were replacing it! It's inscribed with "THANK YOU 7-11-03" on the inside... so weird!

It fits my fat fingers though, so it'll be a nice temporary ring to wear while I work on losing enough weight to wear my wedding ring again! 👍

btw, my character is Pinkatrink "Picky" Speldencracker, a half-gnome half-dwarf sorcerer who is a pyromaniac and avid reader of books about magic to try to learn as much as she can about magic.

She loves fire because she is rebelling against her family's tree-based god, Tsama, because she learned that other gods are just as powerful or more so.