I've been growing my hair out and it's finally almost long enough to look good! It's super foreign to feel it on the back of my neck, though.

(Selfie, CW: eye contact)

Why is my doing this?? Tilting down from the top registers as down, but tilting down from the cap DOESN'T! It doesn't make sense, does it??? Can anyone explain what's happening here?

I'm fairly confident I've successfully identified these that grow in the middle of my yard as mica caps (Coprinellus micaceus) thanks to the help of this super easy to follow identification guide: mushroomexpert.com/major_group

I'm super tempted to cook them and see what they taste like, but I'm terrified of the possibility that I'm wrong, so I probably won't ever do it... I've read elsewhere that the taste is "indistinct" but that they're "high in potassium"! Also that within 1–3 hours of being picked, they "dissolve into an inky black spore-filled liquid" so you have to cook them ASAP after picking them to prevent the liquefication. Also, they smell kinda funny, so no thanks...

Mushrooms are TERRIFYING! πŸ„

Ugh, this stupid fucking bird is both too smart and too stupid for the tape stripes to deter it! It's flying up over the stripes to attack the reflection above!!! I had to literally put up a ton of cardboard over the glass to cover it completely. 😞

I hate this.

Stop trying to hurt your reflection, idiot!

What the ever living fuck is this beautiful robin trying to accomplish with my front door?? He's been hammering at it every morning for days and now that I have video of it, I'm even more confused!!

And then when I open the door, it flies off and stares at me from a tree branch at the end of the walkway! What do you want???

The Oceanside concert venue hasn't been played yet, but all the equipment is ready for that first show! Also, I'm in my punk-iest outfit to celebrate!

Β  Β 

I finally was able to build a wand in , and now that I know it lets you CHANGE OUTFITS ON THE FLY I'm VERY excited about it!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Also, I can be a composer with a powdered wig and that's great! πŸ˜„

I finally got the ability to change our island's flag to something that really fits the Pine Cove spirit! I also set the tune to something fun, but I'll have to record and share that some other way...

My partner's ticket in tonight took her to what we named Tarantula Island. It had a moat around a circle of land where 4 tarantulas at a time would spawn at once 😱 But she left with 11 tarantulas!

It's official! I'm not only at home, but also staying there! At least walking pets is considered an essential task 😊

My house so far! I love that the different fish get different containers! πŸ˜„ I also designed the "World on Fire" tee based on one of my favorite IRL shirts. 😊

Also, those yellow glasses are the only ones available right now. I'm watching out for black or brown frames every day!

Guess who hurt her paw while playing too hard with the lure course again! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 😒

Can anyone please tell me what this monstrosity is called? I saw it in front of a house today, and I need to know what a skateboard with this many wheels could possibly be

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Dang, I love this game so much!

If you haven't played Tiny Islands by David King, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go play it as soon as you can!



Shoutout to that time last month when I got 17 identical emails from Microsoft reminding me of the upcoming charge I'd get in a month

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