I got new Joy-Cons! I wish Nintendo would get their fuckin act together and release purple ones already, but the gray works ok with yellow, too.

Maybe I'll work up the nerve to paint the gray someday, but for now that's waaay too scary.

Oh man, I just remembered Skies of Arcadia, and damn what a great game/theme/everything! I played Legends on GameCube, and geez, that was an excellent experience for me.

It actually inspired another game idea a few years ago that gave rise to this beautiful little fellow! I'd love to develop this one a bit more, but it's a bit too big for me to do by myself...

SOrry to disturb you again, but!!

These are the animations I made for this beautiful froggy friend!!

They are SO GOOD!!!

Oh my god, I just found the models I made 5 years ago for this random froggy game I that never started making! I was wondering where I put them because it's such an excellent froggy!!

Look at this good good friend!!!

I tried a cigar for the first time with some friends today! It was weird but interesting! It was fun playing super smash bros with the lit cigar in my hand.


Put a "Licensed by Nintendo" or "Official Nintendo" seal sticker on your computer or emulation device.

If you ever play an emulated Nintendo game with that device, it's licensed and approved by Nintendo and therefore legal to play!

Well fuck you too, I guess, Colorado!

I'm super bummed about our poor tree. :(

We recently discovered that there's a dog park in a nearby state park, and it's amazing! It's huge, there are multiple little lakes for to play in, and there are tons of paths and plant-filled areas to run through!

At one point, Pogo and Peekaboo just ran off and by the time we caught up, we found that Pogo had discovered one of the lakes and decided to jump right in! Peekaboo doesn't like , so she just drank the water instead...

I got a big ol' composting garden as an early birthday present! I'm supposed to layer carbon and nitrogen (cardboard and food waste) up until it's a bit higher in the trough, then I cover it all with soil, but I only have cardboard, so I have to wait until I have enough food waste before I can plant anything! Then regular compostables go in the latticed bin!

Any tips would be helpful, particularly how long it takes, what to expect (mold?), and how to actually use it!

The counters are in, and the kitchen is very nearly done! I've never been so happy to do wash dishes. 😆

Just need to figure out where to put everything and then figure out when and how to do a new floor!

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I'm thinking of changing the primary color of the GUTS+ website to this nice purple instead of the teal that it's currently got?

It's , it was in my swatch when I opened GiMP today, and I have *no idea* what it's from, but I really kinda like it!


@tootapp I think something got messed up and switched the local and federated timelines around in Toot! after the new update, because it wasn't doing this before...

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