So my neighbor runs a dog training business and frequently hosts a whole lot of dogs (I think they have like 6 right now), but last night I dreamed that they hosted not just dogs by also cats and big cats and other animals, and a ton of them.


My dream also featured a secret Tom Cruise movie where he and Cobie Smulders were on a giant secret base in the middle of the ocean, but the base fell apart and killed everyone but them, and then over a few months they built a new base and continued business as usual until that one fell apart too and only Tom Cruise survived. Anyway, right after that happened, my neighbor's animal training mansion appeared. So that was cool. I met a leopard and it liked being pet.

The ocean base they built had this part in the center that was open to the water and had a raft with like, mail dispensers or something? And the raft spun around constantly and distributed the mail to different mailboxes (apparently correctly). And the rest of the base was made of tubes and stuff. It was pretty cool.

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