Yes, THAT Robbie!

I can't remember if I've already mentioned it on here before, but I just added SSL to it, so it's worth mentioning again!

Earlier this year, I made RedFlag ( to help flag sites that you want to share but that might have some stuff people might not want to see.

There's a long, searchable list of warnings that you can attach to a URL, and if you share the URL that RedFlag generates, then people will get the warnings you added!

@Alamantus Does it persist the flags on the website if it was previous entered?

@dmoonfire Yep! It persists to save processing power and storage. :)

@Alamantus I meant if I tested my own site with a warning (say Gore), will someone else entering it automatically get Gore on their list?

@dmoonfire Oh, no it doesn't do that, but that's a good idea to add as a feature!

@Alamantus I'm all for community tagging plus not everyone can identify all the given -ism a page or site may show.

@Alamantus Of course, that leads into folks who don't mind it who want a cookie to say "I don't mind Gore, don't bother showing me those".

@dmoonfire That's true, but whoever created the RedFlag did it because someone who might see a post might not want to see that, not for the people who don't care. It's just one extra click for that person who doesn't care, and I'd rather add features for people who do care than for those who don't., y'know?

@Alamantus that's pretty neat. Does it work by just using a url with php parameters or something, or does it generate a url shortener-like link?

@UberActivist It creates a shortener-like link, and when you go to that link, it reveals the url that's being flagged.

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