Ugh, this is the worst and I'm SO frustrated!! I have set up, I can use the app and create posts and all that, but the `bin/worker.php` file doesn't do anything! There's a bunch of stuff in my queue that isn't being processed! I have a cron job set up, I've tried running it from the command line, and nothing happens! I even added an echo at the end to make sure it reached the end and yes, it reaches the end of the file instantly.

Not even running the `bin/daemon.php` script is doing anything! The process is running, but nothing appears to be happening, and the queue remains. What the fuck!

I can't find anything helpful on a web search, so I guess my only option is to uninstall everything to try again from scratch and just hope it works next time??

omg I got it working!! I found the log setting and was able to turn on debug, and combining that with reading the code, I was able to determine that I simply hadn't allowed a tolerant enough "Maximum load average"!

Apparently, this checks the average number of processes over the past 1 and 5 minutes, and if it's above the set threshold, then it won't run. Since I'm on a shared web host, of course this won't be lower than the number of users they put on a server, which is apparently more than 20.

Setting this to a number higher than that has allowed the worker to run, and it's actually working now!! 🥲

@Alamantus I had a similar issue with a PHP app a long time ago. The web environment was fine, but the system environment wasn't correct. I think the problem was that my php.ini for the php command was missing or incorrect. Hope that helps somewhat

@50htz Yeah, I may need to contact customer support to see if any logs at all are generating somewhere I don't have access to or something... They might need to help with php.ini too, because I don't think I have access to that either.

Not familiar with Friendica but can you run Elixer and Erlang on your webhost? If so, I’ve found Pleroma to be the most stable and lightest Fediverse solution out there.

@probgoblin Sadly no. I would love to run Pleroma, but I only have access to PHP, Node 14, Python 3.9.12, and some version of Ruby, which has so far prevented me from doing what I want...

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