In light of's impending doom, I'm investigating (lightweight) servers to run on my (shared) web host ideally that I can use with @tootapp (not a dealbreaker if I can't). Any assistance, insight, and/or recommendations anyone might provide would be greatly appreciated! :boost_ok:

## Requirements

I am able to run , , , and apps, but I'd prefer PHP or Node apps because I know those languages. I have access to MySQL for databases, 1GB of RAM to work with, and ~20GB of storage space total (not a dealbreaker, I can get more).

In addition to this, I need something that's 1) low maintenance, 2) easy to manage, 3) fairly reliable, and 4) storage-friendly.

## Nice-to-have

Single-user servers intrigue me, so I'd love to use one of those if possible. I love Misskey's emoji reactions, but I hear Misskey is a heavy mess of an app and the single-user Dolphin fork appears to be dead now. Anyway, suggestions in that direction would be cool.

Thanks in advance!

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FML, ok, so correction my web host only provides access to versions to up to:
- PHP 8.1 (actually fine)
- Node version 14.18.3 (yikes)
- Python 3.9.12 (ugh)
- Ruby 2.7

Yikes, looking through the options on doesn't make me feel very confident that I'll actually be able to use my web host for something like this... It's just too underpowered.

I'll still hold out hope for a little while though!

Friendica looks promising... The requirements are fairly similar to your average WordPress install, so if just might work! I'm uploading the files now, and we'll see if it works when it's all up there!


Don't know if these fit your requirements exactly (as I'm not a dev!), but GotoSocial (@gotosocial and and ( @dev and are two new lightweight entries, and Microblog is specifically for single users.

They are still works in progress though.

@feditips GotoSocial is a Go app, and I'm not sure if I can run compiled binaries in my web host or not, so I think it's a no-go.

But looks interesting! The "work in progress" bit is the only thing giving me pause—"how usable is it" and "how much work needs to be done before it's reliable" are my biggest questions @dev

@Alamantus @dev

I think they are working hard on making it better before it's ready for "prime time", but the dev themselves would know better about the project's status. it's pretty usable right now.

There's still a bunch of tasks on my todo list before making a first official release, but all the features are working. It's mostly small tweaks and adding more tests.

@dev @feditips Awesome! Unfortunately I just checked and the highest Python version my host provides is 3.9.12, and's Readme file says it requires 3.10+ 😭

@dev How strict do you suppose that Python 3.10+ requirement is? Are there for sure features used that aren't included in 3.9.*? (I'm just grasping at straws here) I am sorry about that.

The project relies on some features that were introduced in Python 3.10. So Python 3.9 will throw an error just looking at the source code.

The goal is to have a super-simple/basic frontend using "modern" backend features. It is also something that helps keeping me motivated to work on it.

@Alamantus yeah, it is a PITA to run a substantial software from a generic shared hosting provider. I tried for spinning up a forum with good enough features. Ended up with a VPS and Discourse on it.

Btw, I co-maintain #delightful apps, which is the input source to site. It gives a different list view and may contain entries not yet on

@Alamantus Yeah, I briefly had a friendica installation on my webspace with your average hoster. (I was too used to CWs and missed them, though, so I went with masto host eventually)


Have you looked at Epicyon? AIUI, it's intended for Raspberry Pi-level computers.

@Alamantus @humanetech You should be able to run GNUSocial with those constraints. I have not experience with shared web hostings, but I know runs on one of those.
@Alamantus consider Akkoma? it's a fork of pleroma with a few misskey features added

@root That sounds great! But it looks like it requires PostgreSQL, which my dumb host doesn't have :(

It's starting to look like I need a real VPS to do what I want...

@oreolek That'll be my backup plan if everything else fails, but I'd love to have as many fediverse bells and whistles as I can!

. @Alamantus
Hi. In my experience, GNU social and Nextcloud
Social work well on web shared hosting. I recommend GS than NC Social. Because NC seems to be stopped developing.
I think GS work well PHPv7.4. PHPv8 has some error. I recommend PHPv7.4.
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