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Ew, Game Maker is subscription-based now?? God damn it, just make software! Stop with the services and subscriptions for tools!

There's still no game engine like GameMaker... I absolutely adore the ability to create/edit sprites and rooms and code all in one big IDE application. But it sucks that YoYo is so hostile to its customers :/

@andy_twosticks Not even Godot has the image editor and even a sound recorder right in there. It's a terrible MS Paint clone, but I can prototype a whole game in GameMaker without ever leaving its window. I know it's a silly distinction, but it's special to me!

@Alamantus @andy_twosticks
Yeah but that's kind of the trap of the SaaS model, right? They bundle a whole predefined workflow together because they want to own your entire workflow.

There is a free tier of GMS, but it kind of feels like Aseprite and Reaper are freer in a sense.

@probgoblin I get what you're driving at, and I'd agree if it didn't also used to be that way in all previous iterations of GameMaker... All the way back in GameMaker 4 (the one I started with), you'd download the free program and do everything in it too. All the way from GameMaker 6(?) up through GameMaker Studio 1.4, you'd just need a license and then you could do whatever (without a subscription).

Like, you /can/ still do all your stuff in other applications and import it in to GameMaker (like normal), but the appeal for me is that you never have to leave it unless you want to do complicated art (or what have you).

Anyway I lost the plot amongst my nostalgia, but yeah, YoYoGames fucked it all up and they hate their customers, proven by the shitty subscription model.

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