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Mosquitoes could have evolved literally any way that could have made their parasitism mutually beneficial or at least not terrible, and yet they cause awful itchy bumps for days instead. They could have ensured their meals by evolving to have antiseptic saliva, take tiny sips from hosts, and leave numb or even pleasant sensations but instead they are filthy and disease-ridden and abhorrent!

That's so unnecessarily hostile that I'd call it evil. And that's why I believe that we as a species should do everything we can to eradicate mosquitoes, more than anything else (including wasps (insect categorization)!), from the planet.

@Alamantus Ok, but wasps are next. Have you seen them? Little flying demons.

@betothebop The only reason wasps are lower on my personal list is because my personal interactions with wasps in my area have been surprisingly relaxed in a nearly impossible to believe kind of way. You should see how drunk and docile they get after feasting on the apples that fall off my tree... It's bizarre.

Not that I /like/ them or want them around, but my personal interactions have just been chill enough for me not to call for their complete eradication. But I expect that will change if/when I get stung.

What I do is wash the spot with very hot water and soap, scrub the area with your fingers to get all their disgusting saliva off the skin. Then keep the hot water on it or blow hot air on it with a blow dryer for a couple more minutes to destroy the proteins in their saliva that got below the skin. Obviously not so hot you'd burn yourself! but almost. :) The sooner after the bite, the better.

@leadore I'm definitely gonna try this! It’s a little too late for my current bite, but it would be great for the future!

I have this little suction device called a Bug Bite Thing that you can use after getting bit to remove any venom or saliva, but it only really works very soon after you're bitten. It's pretty good, but I'd love something a little more reliable since it takes a bit to notice the bites sometimes.

@Alamantus Getting the stuff washed off ASAP seems to be the most important thing, but of course it still gets under the skin. I use this approach for other bug bites too. It still helps even if time has passed, just not as well or only temporarily relieves the itching. CalaGel helps too.

The suction thing sounds interesting, I might see if I can find one. I'm really susceptible to chigger bites; seems like all I have to do is take one step outside and they get me. :)

@Alamantus "But mosquitos are a vital part of the ecosystem! Everything would starve if they didn't have mosquitos to eat!"
*eradicate mosquitos*
*everything starts eating other bugs"

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