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I hate exercising so fucking much. It is the least rewarding activity I have ever performed, and everyone who says it "feels good" or "produces endorphins" are fucking liars. It's BORING, it HURTS, it's EXHAUSTING for no reason, and it's BULLSHIT that theres apparently no other way to lose weight and feel healthier??

How the fuck am I gonna keep doing that if it's just miserable the whole time every time? I've never felt healthier after exercising, but for some reason I hold this belief that if I do it enough, someday I'll magically start feeling healthier when I do things and be less out of breath going up and down the stairs when I do the laundry.

FUCK exercise! This is hell!

@Alamantus how are you exercising? There are better brain hacks than forcing yourself to do things you don't enjoy. Like I played a lot of DDR in 2018-19, and that was a heck of a workout, but it was one I mostly wanted to do and could get myself excited about.

@WizardOfDocs Mostly just walking the dogs these days, but we had been doing Jillian Michaels DVDs a few years ago and I got real close to feeling endorphins a couple times I think. Hiking is fun because you get to see pretty things and nature, but it's still just miserable walking.

The big problem with exercise-based games for me is that like, how do I get motivated to turn them on? I feel like if I could find something that's fun in and of itself somehow that's exercise that maybe I'll want to go back to it, but I haven't found that yet and it's frustrating

@Alamantus I think there was a specific song I wanted to work up to on the particular DDR disc I have. It was only available at the highest difficulty levels in workout mode, so if I wanted to hear it, I had to work for it.

Tbh more rhythm games need weird J-pop disco covers of classical music

@Alamantus SAME. I'm sorry I can only click like on this once.

@Alamantus i hope i'm not falling into the mansplaining on the venting man thing, of course you're legitimate to feel like you do about that..

I felt the same when i was a teenager, what clicked for me was team sports. The cocktail of adrenaline and endorphines that i got just before scoring as a team was phenomenal, even though i sucked. So i kept going at it, and eventually i got better ! Cardio is one thing that greatly improve the experience, but developping a bit of a muscular resistence isnt bad either (i was playing handball then basketball, where you have to run in and out all the time).

At some point, when i threw myself in completely, even though i still sucked, i could feel myself "liberated", it's a bit like a small orgasm. You're tired, maybe shivering, but you can feel something else, and it's relaxing and pleasing.

So to sum it up, the pleasure of the activity changed the way i felt during sport, up until i could hit the zone. What you need is the right activity to unlock that.

I feel you! I used to do the same, exercise just because I knew I should, not because it brought me any joy. Gyms get me bored really easily!

My problem was I have never been shown how fun being active can be until my late 20s. Only then I learnt I need a form of exercise that also stimulates the ”tinkerer” part of my brain. By trial and error, partner acrobatics (a.k.a. acroyoga, acrobalance) and aerial acrobatics ended up being something that keeps me hooked despite the pain and bruises. I think it's about the joy of hacking your own body to bend that little bit more each time.

Now, I'm practicing handstands when my work project is compiling, despite my success rate (of handstands, not compilations) being about 10%. Still, this is up from 0% three months ago.

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