version 1.3.0, the Update, is now available from! Add custom to hack your wiki and enjoy tons of bug fixes and improvements.

Read the full release notes for details:


@Alamantus Unfortunately 1.3.0 no longer works for me in Opera 68, or at least the site doesn't. Can't seem to download it correctly from the Codeberg release page either. I'll stay on 1.2.1 for the time being.

@Alamantus Update: used Firefox to download it. Narrowed it down to a single error message. Which, of course, is useless with minified code.

@felix That's odd, it should still run in browsers that support ECMAScript 2015. I'll try testing it when I get a chance and see if I can figure something out. Thanks for letting me know!

@Alamantus The compatibility table says Opera 73+. Maybe your compiler didn't happen to generate certain code constructs until now.

@felix I ran it in Firefox, and the only error I received when saving from the website directly was one about the extension file not existing, so I updated the site to use a direct link instead of a relative link.

Other than that, the only difference in the build process is it now runs through Google Closure Compiler in addition to the esbuild minification process for a smaller build. I don't *think* closure compiler transforms code to ECMAScript higher than 2015, but I can't find *any* information about what it actually *does* do during its minification process, so I can't confirm 100%. If you want, I can send you a build that does not get run through the closure compiler to see if that helps. says that Opera should be fine, so it must be something closure compiler is doing...

@Alamantus We can try that if you're willing to spare the effort. And yeah, Firefox works fine.

@Alamantus This version seems to work perfectly, just like before. I imported my data, made some edits and created a new page, all without a problem. Thank you!

@felix Interesting... Anyway, I'm glad it works for you!

I really wish there was some way to know what Google Closure Compiler was doing in its process, but maybe I just need to go ahead and remove it again and deal with the extra 1.5KB that comes as a result of removing it for the sake of compatibility.

@Alamantus It's not worth the trouble if you ask me. Most pages on my wiki are probably bigger.

@Alamantus Heck, I could save more space by switching to Chickadee, since most of the original text came in Markdown files anyway.

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