Is there a general web front-end for viewing outboxes (for viewing posts & boosts) for arbitrary accounts? Or do I have to make one myself?

Preferably front-end only (i.e. HTML & ).


My specific goal in asking this is that I want to make posts sent to groups publicly visible without needing a Fediverse account/client to view them. (The current Guppe server doesn't display posts.)


Currently the only way to view a Guppe group's posts is to either 1) follow the group & see their boosts or 2) have a client that displays an account's posts within its own UI (like with Toot! for iOS).


I read some issues on the Guppe repo, and it looks like posts *were* displayed but got removed because it didn't handle unlisted/private posts correctly. Sure enough, the code is just commented out:

I can use that!

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