Feather Wiki version 1.2.0 is now available! support has been added, the looks have been spruced up, and there's a new domain:

That link has everything worth knowing about , so check it out!

1.2.0 release notes can be found here:

Support for (slightly) older browsers has also been added to ! Choose options with ECMAScript 2015 () for better browser or 2020 for a smaller file size.

You can also choose which editor you prefer. Each resulting combo has a bird name representative of its file size: Dove, Robin, Finch, Sparrow, Chickadee, & Hummingbird.
If that's too many choices for you, just grab Dove from the home page or the top of the Downloads page:

To upgrade an existing Feather Wiki to the new version 1.2.0, see the Upgrading page to learn how:

Finally, if you encounter any issues, have any feature requests, or want your public Feather Wiki in the gallery (, please browse the Issues page and report it only if it's not already there:

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

It's also worth noting that the code repository's file also includes updated file sizes of each build, so if you're curious, check out

I need to stop making a habit of releasing these at 1am, but I just put up a version 1.2.1 for with some bug fixes! Here are the release notes:

@Alamantus Started tinkering with Feather last night and I'm already in love with it. Markdown support is just icing on the cake.

@Alamantus It's now a very viable choice of wiki engine! Thanks for adding support for blockquotes out of the box, that's a must-have for me. Also the reminder to save helps a lot.

@felix I'm very glad to hear it works for you now! And yeah, blockquotes were definitely worth adding :)

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