How do you view "luck"?

Options roughly explained:

Attribute: a percent (or similar) value that applies to things you do or that happen to you that can (or cannot) be altered depending on things you do/carry/surround yourself with and may (or may not) affect the of others around you

Limited Supply: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get in life, and you cannot get more unless someone gives you some of theirs (if possible)

Bank: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get lucky in life (including none), and things you do/carry/surround yourself with in life can alter that balance

None: luck isn't real and I like neither having fun nor thinking about things in any way that's not strictly "logical" or scientifically provable

Note that I am a straight cis white American man with minimal understanding of cultures that have beliefs about luck and am aware that I have possibly excluded those viewpoints from the options. I apologize in advance and would love to learn if you feel inclined to share—if you don't, please don't feel obligated to!

Have a great day! 💖

@Alamantus Not sure what you mean by "percent or similar value", but I picked Attribute because I view luck as the interaction of myriad causes and conditions, some of which you may be aware of or can alter, and many of which you aren't or can't, which lead to an event or state that we may judge as good or bad luck.

@leadore That phrasing was mainly coming from my perspective as someone who plays role playing (tabletop and video) games, but I would definitely put what you describe in that category :)

@Alamantus big fan of limited supply. If it's a constant, there's danger of relying on it. Seeing your limited pool of fortune/fate points in WFRP drives home that you have a very powerful resource that can reroll or change dice results, or even cheat death, but pushing your luck leaves you with none.

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