So I'm planning on making a custom PopSocket featuring the clock tower from : 's Mask with the clock face as the handle, and the tower as the wallet bit, but I'm finding absolutely zero 3D renders of South Clock Town to get a clean image from!

But at least I found a custom 4K texture pack for Majora's Mask 3D that I should be able to use to make something nice... if I come up with anything good, I'll share the result!

Related: If anyone has a way to just render and fly a camera through a room in a Nintendo 64 ROM, please let me know! The a clean shot of the N64 version would be more fun than the remake's tower.

Ok so apparently I'm just bad at searching for things that I'm looking for. Here's the full model set for South Clock Town that I was looking for!

I did need to use Blender 2.77 (instead of the most recent version) to import the models with all the textures intact, and I had to set different lighting and remove the specularity from all the materials individually, but in the end, it works perfectly!

Here's what the PopSocket preview looks like! I'm super excited! I added the Moon and some stars to make the sky not look empty. I really wish I could save the image positioning so I could order them for other people, too!


Oh cool, cool thanks . Copyright sucks. I'm so angry. and sad. It's just a one-off print, but nope. Ugh.

I spent way too much time on this thing just to get it rejected... This sucks.

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