But seriously, arbitrary emoji as reactions to any form of media that enables interaction is infinitely superior to simply liking/favoriting it!

Let me put 😭 or 😒 on a sad post and πŸŽ‰ or 🀯 on something cool/exciting without creating a whole new post, dang it!

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I'm advocating for this functionality on EVERY form of media that enables interaction, including blog posts and forms of social media. I very rarely want to write a comment, but I'll search for the right emoji response every time!

@robby It's disturbing that Mastodon doesn't even register anything at all. Such a missed opportunity :(

@Alamantus eh, this just makes me think of boomers on facebook responding with πŸ˜† to news articles about things they don't like

at the very least you'd need to let users remove reactions from their posts, otherwise they'll get bullied with πŸ’© and 🀑 reacts

@apocheir lol that's simply one use for itβ€”I assure you the majority use is much more beneficial than that! People can use anything to be unkind though.

I'm not sure I agree about the bullying part, because even without reactions people can still be bullied by actual replies. Unfortunately the only course of action is blocking at that point because there's no way to preempt it. Similarly to how blocking currently works though, it should remove the reaction of the blocked person.

But as with bullying comments, if someone starts a campaign to abuse someone else, then there's currently no good way to counteract that, which is a much bigger and different problem.

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