All social media needs emoji reactions like Slack/Discord. Facebook is part of the way there with its multiple reactions, but we've had emoji for years now—let me use them everywhere without creating a whole new post!

It would be a great addition to the Fediverse tbh

@Alamantus I had/contributed to a PR for Mastodon to have that and Gargon basically said "no, don't see a need for that".

Which is why I started looking at Misskey. :D

@dmoonfire Yeah I heard about that, but that's foolish. Other Fediverse apps need to consider it because it makes it infinitely more fun

@Alamantus While Mastodon really set off the spark for a wave of federation, it isn't the end all answer. I'm perfectly fine with more competition that has features.

I just really, really wish Misskey worked with Tusky.

@Alamantus how would you display them? Facebook gets away with it by having only half a dozen options; what do you do if the number of reaction types gets really big?

@WizardOfDocs Probably the same way Slack/discord does it until someone thinks of a better way: the emoji tiny below the post, wrapping around as it reaches the end of the post display size. If necessary, limit the different unique emojis to an arbitrary number—30 seems like more than enough (I think slack limits it to some weird number like 23 or something) but then others can react with the same emoji as much as they want and it shows a counter next to it.

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