I love how just doesn't even play with the idea of powerful hardware. They're just like "Hey! Here's a with a better screen and speakers! The kickstand probably doesn't suck anymore too! Also you don't need an Ethernet dongle for the dock anymore, and the dock is white! Enjoy!"

They know they've got the games everyone wants and that's all that's important.

@Alamantus the question is how long they'll have third-party support with hardware that old. I doubt "cloud versions" of games are selling that well


@noiob That's true, but for all we know maybe they *did* upgrade some of the internals a little to keep things modern. They'd never tell us—it'll take a hardware breakdown for us to learn about it lol

@Alamantus they talked about the Mariko upgrade (Tegra X1 to Tegra X1+)

@Alamantus then again, we still have a silicon shortage, so it's probably a bad time

@noiob yeah, I keep forgetting about that! Kinda makes sense they focused more on other elements in light of that. Maybe if/when silicon starts becoming available again they'll do a "switch pro" like everyone seems to want.

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