SPOILERS: The Mandelorian Season 2 ending 

I finally finished the last 2 episodes of the Mandelorian season 2 because apparently I just stopped watching it a while ago(??) and dang what great episodes! Mando unmasked and Luke fucking Skywalker! And what an entrance!

A couple things did strike me as hilarious though:
- Darksaber? Really? C'mon.
- How actually is Mando storing that fckuing spear??!?
- Apparently the place where the dark troopers are stored to charge is also an airlock???? Who designed this ship?!
- If you hadn't watched the original trilogy before this show, you'd have NO CLUE who that cloaked dude with the lightsaber was beyond "a Jedi". They never introduce him and then he just leaves immediately!
- Why did Luke even come there? Are we expected to believe that he was just flying around looking for force signals or something and suddenly he got lucky??
- Full Jedi Luke is a goddamn snooze fest. Remember when that guy quipped with the best of them? Hashtag:notMyLuke

SPOILERS: The Mandelorian Season 2 ending 

@Alamantus So since you took a break you might not remember but about halfway through the season Mando took Grogu to an old Jedi shrine hoping to find someone who can take care of him, where Grogu unleashed a massive pulse within the Force. It was this that Luke followed to find them. Grogu is so powerful that Luke could feel that across the Galaxy.

SPOILERS: The Mandelorian Season 2 ending 

@witchfynder_finder Ohhhh right! It was a long break lol. That does kind of track, except I would expect Luke to then go to that planet instead. It doesn't feel like Grogu should have been able to then leave a force trail that Luke could have followed, though? Like, the Moff's ship was far away by the time Luke found it, and it was the planet's special force Stonehenge that amplified Grogu's power for the signal. Is it implying that the time spent sending the signal was used to make a sort of tracking connection? Or did Luke just intuit that there was no other force user so powerful and just followed it like that?

Either way, that tracks a little better than I thought!

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