animal death (snake) 

I mowed our overgrown lawn today, but I forgot to check for things in the grass before I started. I was reminded when I noticed one of our 2–3 recurring garter snake visitors scrambling to get away, but after I used a stick to get it to a safer place, I went back to the mower to discover a mowed up portion of one of the other snakes right at the spot where I pulled the mower onto the grass. I had no idea it was there, and I'm so sad...

This little group of snakes came back every summer for the past few years to eat bugs in our yard in the shade of our emerald ash tree. Last year, there was even a baby that brought the number up to 3! I don't know what their lifespan is, but it seems to me that this is at least the same family lineage of snakes each year. I'm so bummed I killed one of them :( I hope they don't leave because of this.

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