My partner is busy tonight, which means I'm gonna play some TONIGHT!!! And it because why not! I'm gonna be playing a modified II modpack for some fantasy adventures.

Links in thread.

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I'm thinking I'll start at around 8pm Mountain Standard Time? I'll update closer to the time if that's wrong.

And I'll be streaming in 4 different places for your convenience:

I'll try to keep track of the chat on my Owncast stream, Twitch, and YouTube, but it might be a little hard.

Anyway, more details as it gets closer to stream time!

Here's the modpack I'm working with, but with some extra mods added for fun:

Thanks to anyone who joined in on the fun! Hope it wasn't too bad lol. My partner finished earlier than I expected so it ended just an hour and a half in πŸ˜…

@Alamantus yaay You have an owncast instance ! I did mine last week, loving tat software !

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