I've finally become a Good Steward of the Web by adding dark mode to two of my most-trafficked websites, thus entering the ranks of the Eye Strain Warriors and at last earning the title of "Responsible Website Owner".

ยท Toot! ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 3

@Alamantus I keep not wanting to do it for my big site. Now I have to, huh? :)

@dmoonfire lol it wasn't too big an endeavor for my site, just a couple background and text color overrides, plus some extras for the extra color stuff I've done. :)

@Alamantus I know, it's just the dependencies involved. I'm in that annoying place where my current implement of took a significant amount of effort only to find it wouldn't ultimate work, so I have to redo it.

But since I have to do things differently, I have to restructure a lot which means a significant amount of work to change it to the point I feel I can add it the coloring. was easier, but that's a tiny site.

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