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I finally fixed my personal google photos export problem and got everything organized and on my NextCloud server. I'm very glad that my server is just an old laptop because it took moving my photos to an external hard drive and copying them directly to my NextCloud folder to finally get it to work.

Previously I tried uploading everything through the WebDAV and the web interface but something always ended up going wrong, so I'm glad I installed a desktop environment to work with...

Now the only time I use Google is for my emails and Google Drive collaboration... which is still not good, but my personal emails are pretty deeply tied to gmail. My family address is even managed through Google by a cousin of mine, so that'll be impossible to switch from. Someday I'll get something better, but for now it's essential.

I'm using Yandex for a different email address, but I have no idea if they're realistically any "better" than Google. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


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All of my close friends have accounts on my NextCloud server, but they don't like it because NextCloud isn't nearly as convenient as Google, so that's a bummer that I couldn't free them from Google. But at least I'm mostly unshackled!

I know I could technically install a mail server on my server and use that, but those tend to get blocked by Google and the big email providers, and that's a bummer. So I'm not sure what to do to get all the way free. I pay for a web host that hosts Lexiconga and handles its emails, but those tend to get marked spam too.

Also, NextCloud Talk kinda sucks? I've tried everything I can do and it just doesn't work reliably with more than 2 people. And the chat is really lacking in features. And whenever there's an update to the app in iOS, it crashes and only works again if it's reinstalled from scratch...

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techno mumbo-jumbo; de-Googling 

@Alamantus The hard part is always moving away from something that "does it all" because they got money to do it all and make it harder to leave.

I definitely saw some pains moving away from Google, though the boys force me to come back in.

techno mumbo-jumbo; de-Googling 

With email, I came to terms with the fact that I didn't have the spoons to run a mail server with the state of things and got an account on Megadu, a provider in Switzerland. My husband's email is forwarded to their gmail account without any problem. I'm paying $9/month. There's a yearly plan that's cheaper

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