@wilfred Hey there! How's Mastodon been treating you so far? :)

@Alamantus Hello! Was gone for a few days, but Mastodon has been amazing. Not as many interactions compared to that *other* site, but still amazing nonetheless. I've already gotten used to the features, too!

How are you doing? Read any good books lately?

@wilfred That's awesome! It's a lot less demanding that way for sure πŸ˜„

Things are going alright for me. I have too many projects again so it's a little stressful, but I've started Brandon Sanderson's most recent Stormlight Archives book, Rhythm of War, and it's wonderful to be back in that world again! How about you?

@Alamantus Hopefully you don't get TOO stressed out! At least there's Sanderson to keep you company. πŸ˜€

Me, I'm busy with work and catching up on some true crime stuff. Also bought new games for the PS4. It's gonna be a busy January, that's for sure.

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