I just finally imported all my Google calendar things to Nextcloud, and I took the Google calendar accounts off my phone! One further tiny step away from Google!

@Alamantus yay! I did that recently and it was really liberating. NextCloud's calendar and contacts sync is really, really nice. Congrats!!

@Alamantus What app did you choose for a calendar on the phone?

I did this a few years ago, but had a difficult time finding a calendar app since bigDataDaddy Google has destroyed any email and calendar competition.

@sikkdays I'm on iOS, and I was actually able to add it via a CardDAV account and used the default Calendar app! I don't know what the situation with Android or other calendars, but I'm sure they can integrate with the CardDAV somehow...

At any rate, it works a lot better than I expected, and it works with Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders! And with Google calendar, I was able to export my calendars and import into Nextcloud without any issues!

@Alamantus Nice. Yeah, I was hosting BaiKal for a bit, then Radicale to deGoogle. I had an instance of NextCloud going as well. Finally, I just decided to pay a service to host NextCloud for me so I didn't have to maintain it. I dropped my VPS with the calendar hosting and put that money toward the service. Couldn't be happier. NextCloud is great.

@sikkdays that's awesome! Yeah, it's worked out super well for me so far! My only snag is that I installed it as a Snap on my home server, which means I'm pretty limited on customizations... but I'm a huge fan of Nextcloud now that I've got it working!

@Alamantus That's okay! It is a tool. I am surprised how little I interact with the actual interface. I got apps on my phone, or CalDAV, or folder syncing via the Nextcloud app on my linux laptop.

I am in a similar boat as you. It hasn't been too much of an issue. Sometimes there's a plugin update that demands a new version of something on the server, but my host is pretty good at staying up-to-date. I have it hosting my passes via that plugin, so it was a bit scary.

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