I'm reading through this science-fantasy novel I started when I was little (I wrote like 61 pages!), and not only are there typos on the *first* page, I also imagined a world that was /so wasteful/ that it took the energy of a whole star *each day* to power their planet, to the point that it was noticeable that a star was going out everyday day.

And the only protest from my main character was "Well, they sure do seem to be inconsiderate to the people who like stars!" and like... yeah I guess, but also.... a /whole star/????

So... I found the original document for my childhood novel (yes, I was reading a pamphlet-stapled printed version) and I got to thinking... what if I finished the story just for fun? It's a bad story that's way too video-gamey, but like... do I owe it to my young self to see it through?

(No, but also it could be fun?)

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This is the cover I made for the novel in the GNU Image Manipulation Program long ago using like the basic things and a font I really liked, by the way.

Graphic design is my passion! 🌈

Ok so I looked at the last modified date ok the Captured Starlight document file, and it was in 2006. That means I apparently wrote all this in high school, not when I was "little"... I'm not sure what to do with that information, but it makes it just a little bit less impressive to me.

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