Ah shit, I'm one of those people who prefers the old Reddit interface now and uses `old dot reddit dot com` instead of just `reddit dot com`

But to be fair, my computer can barely run the new damn interface! What the hell did they do that makes it run so slow? 😬

@Alamantus I could probably get used to New Reddit if it didn't load stuff in front of other stuff, what's so wrong with having one page per page load

@noiob I mean the *design* is much nicer, but it's so dang slow I that I can't even use it for more than 5 minutes! I'd much rather use new/current Reddit, but it just won't run very well. It's one of the main reasons I almost exclusively use it on my phone.

@noiob Also, to your point, yeah, people need to stop using modal popups. Like come on, they're not even that nice and they're usually a pretty bad experience.

@Alamantus Modal popups are good when they replace actual popups, since those were killed by popup blockers. Modal popups are bad for everything else

@noiob I'd say that most popups were killed for a good reason and therefore modal popups should likewise not exist lol

@Alamantus popups were killed because of popup ads

something like "do you really wanna do this?" or "we need this extra bit of info" can be good in a popup

@noiob That's fair, for sure! Things that directly affect the UI and prompt for confirmation make sense. I mostly only see them used for "Want to sign up for our data collection email subscription?????" the moment you load the page though these days.

@Alamantus yeah that sucks, some pages have layers of them now

@noiob Sometimes many. I'm just glad I'm tech savvy enough to open the inspector and delete the elements. Sometimes they're extra sneaky and set `overflow:hidden;` on the body, but I can get past that too.

@Alamantus I use a third-party app on my phone because anything made by reddit themselves is slow and impractical

@Alamantus `old dot reddit dot com` is also more convenient, because it automatically shows all comments on a post. With `reddit dot com` you have to click something to see all the comments.

It's like how people are still resisting YouTube's new interface and trying to default to the older, much faster one, no matter how hard YouTube tries to bury the old interface.

At least Reddit doesn't pull that baloney.

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