@Alamantus it currently only works completely for about 5 minutes. After that I can't swipe to the side to see albums of photos. It's also really chuggy. Stutters a LOT.

@descartez I'm not even talking about performance, though yeah it's also not great in that department.

You need a goddamn PhD to figure out how to do anything on the app! You just have to *know* that tapping an account's icon will open their story and not their profile page. You have to guess how to do anything and fumble through tapping and swiping everything just to figure out the most basic things. That's BAD UI design.

@Alamantus it's all dark patterns to trap you there. It's a dark and evil thing.

@Alamantus honestly the product has been so bad I haven't really been using any fb stuff for much. It's all discord now

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