My home server doesn't really do PHP very well for some reason (Matomo was VERY slow and I have no clue why), so I'm curious if there's a non-PHP alternative to that's any good and compatible with iOS.

Please this, because I'd really like to set something up that will work well for me...

@Alamantus there aren't really any alternatives that fill the same niche, sadly

@noiob That's kind of what I'm thinking... I'll probably just have to figure out how to improve the PHP control on the server... Or install Apache in addition to the Nginx that's already installed. Bleh.

@Alamantus I don't think Apache's faster than nginx, or uses a better php implementation

@noiob Yeah but most PHP apps including NextCloud seem to be built with Apache in mind with Nginx support being secondary, if it's present at all.

@Alamantus that's probably due to the fact that you have to manually configure nginx to run php, so it's easier to default to apache in tutorials. There shouldn't be a difference in feature set

@noiob My server must just not be great for it, then. It's a 2014(?) HP laptop, so it's got plenty of RAM for most server apps, just not good enough processing power for big PHP apps? No clue. I'll probably just have to try again and maybe I'll do something better than last time somehow lol

@Alamantus idk Nextcloud is also just really slow at times, like when syncing a lot of files it takes ages because it waits for each database transaction to succeed and stuff

@noiob That makes sense, but I'm mostly talking about just the UI loading. I never even got to the syncing part when I tried it last because it took so long to open the admin!

@Alamantus @noiob nextcloud works fine with nginx.

regarding php, may it be something like the opcache module that is missing?

or other php-packages like imagemagick that are emulated when they're not installed?

@Alamantus matomo is heavy on CPU, especially under high traffic and if you do log analyzing

@Alamantus I always look for alternatives of software that's in PHP. PHP is going away so for long-term support, it makes sense to pick a software based on a modern and popular technology stack. For safety and security reasons it makes sense to defy anything JS-based πŸ˜…
I like #Go, f.e.

@stevenroose I like using Go apps, but I haven't gotten around to learning Go so I can't make any of my own... That's why I appreciate Node. I also like PHP, but my main problem is that my home server, for whatever reason, doesn't like running PHP apps. No clue why!

@stevenroose @Alamantus PHP going away? The PHP community is more active than ever, and there are big releases coming improving performance and deprecating the old bad stuff.

@Alamantus Which part of NextCloud are you thinking of replacing and/or which parts of NextCloud you actually use?

The problem with all-in-one applications is that it takes a lot to duplicate, but individual applications might work in their place.

@dmoonfire That's a great point. I'm mainly interested in file storage with a nice interface, but the all-in-one nature is definitely a big draw... I don't really have that much use for it overall tbh

@Alamantus @dmoonfire I once found a Go-based file storage cloud thingy. Not sure I can find that back πŸ˜…

@Alamantus @dmoonfire Hmm yeah I can't find it. It was a very young project. But looking on for Dropbox, filtering self-hosted, there's a bunch of options? Seafile looks OK. (Python)

@stevenroose @Alamantus If you just want file synchronization, nothing I know of beats Syncthing

I only run nextcloud for contacts (carddav) and calendar (caldav), got any non-php alternatives for those? :)

@moparisthebest @stevenroose Oh yeah! I forgot all about syncthing! I'll have to check that out. As for those others, I've got nothing lol

@Alamantus @moparisthebest Yeah the drawback of #Syncthing is that it doesn't have a "light client" as such, like a web interface/app where you can download file son demand on a mobile device instead of syncing everything.

@stevenroose @Alamantus If you want that simply run an https server like nginx also to expose them, put a password on it and done

@moparisthebest @Alamantus There's a python DAV server. #Radicale? I know there's a famous PHP one and a famous Python one. One of them is Radicale the other I don't know (not at pc). I use a service to host those.

@Alamantus Seafile is a popular option for file syncing and sharing, but I've not used it. Radicale was my go-to for calendars and contacts for some time.

@Alamantus I have had a similar problem in the past. PHP is just a bad base to build on. :( If all you need is file sync, I use Syncthing and am happy about it. If you use all of the rest of the stuff in Nextcloud, I haven't really found a great alternative.

@Alamantus I would suggest you solve the PHP problem instead. It's (almost) always a question of enough RAM and CPU and then tweak settings in /etc/php.ini.

@Alamantus If your server is CPU or RAM constrained, take a look at lighttpd for your PHP needs. I found it pretty easy to set up. (Certainly easier than nginx.)

@rmdes @yunohost I've seen it and I'd really love to use it, but my server is running Ubuntu instead of Debian, which appears to be a big enough difference to make installing it harder. And I'd rather not re-build my whole server just to run it...

@Alamantus @yunohost I get your point, just that #yunohost community has packaged so many apps that I was thinking there is certainly something to fits your needs..


Seafile Community Edition as a replacement for nextcloud?
But as far as I know the iOS App is not FOSS.

Just to add: I used Seafile for years on a Raspberry Pi. It's rock solid, even more than nextcloud ever was.
Its core is written in C and fast as hell. The Community Edition is FOSS.

I just switched to Nextcloud because it has Cal/CardDAV and many more functions. But I really miss the stability of Seafile.

@PrivacyBlog I've had Seafile recommended before but didn't actually look at it until now, and those look like exactly the features I'm looking for. Speed, file storage and sharing, and even collaborative documents!

I'm not sure I need the contacts and calendar things just yet, and those other features are cool, but this is probably enough for now!

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