Dang, I've been spending all this time researching and setting up Pixi.js, and I only just now remembered my own JS game engine that I made 4+ years ago:


I'm tempted to go back and look at the code to see if I can make any improvements and also see if it might be a viable option for me... But I also feel like that would be a bad idea for some reason. Hmm...

I looked back through this game engine, and I've got to say, Past Robbie did a really great job with it. It's super basic, but that was the goal in the first place. There are some nice ideas in there, and the little guide on the README file is pretty thorough! I should really revisit this and fill out the info some more.

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Well, I rediscovered a dev branch that I started making improvements on in 2017, so obviously I had to pick it up again. I solved one of the biggest problems the game engine had yesterday, and I also stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late learning and implementing Jsdoc documentation comments on nearly half of the code so that there can be some kind of guidance when using it!

Turns out, I like writing documentation so long as the result is automatically generated to be pretty for me!

I'm so close to having this all documented with jsdoc... I can almost taste the victory!

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@Alamantus I seem to aim for a 50:50 mix of documentation to code. It seems like a reasonable thing to do.

But, glad you figured things out.

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