Why is my doing this?? Tilting down from the top registers as down, but tilting down from the cap DOESN'T! It doesn't make sense, does it??? Can anyone explain what's happening here?

@witchfynder_finder I have one last stick I can use... I installed it first, but the idle position wasn't completely centered and calibrating didn't fix it, so I figured I'd try this one :(

@Alamantus You are a victim of Joycon drift.

Send it in to Nintendo for repairs. They offer free repairs on Joycons experiencing this problem.

@matt Unfortunately, this is after replacing the original joystick (which was already drifting) with a new stick... I'd have to replace the old one before I send it in, and I'm not sure if I should do that and send it in or just get another replacement joystick...

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