As of June 25, my partner is getting laid off from her job as a writing center director at CSU Global, a management position that sees her managing ~30 people plus updating website content & organizing data into understandable chunks. She's a professional writer, editor, English teacher, writing consultant, and instructional designer. Most of her experience is in higher ed, but her skills are infinitely portable.

If anyone knows of or comes across any positions or jobs that would be a good fit for her, please let me know! Also, her website is at if you want to share it.

@Alamantus sorry to hear that happened and happy to boost! Also, I saw CSU in your toot and wondered if you were in CO, and I guess you are! I'm in NoCo myself and very familiar with CSU, so yeah. Anyway, I wish your partner all the best!

On a side note, I'm very excited about Readlebee in general.

@greyor thank you! Yeah, we are in Colorado! South of Denver. :) but yeah, thank you. It was kind of her dream job, so she's taking it pretty hard. Fortunately lots of people are boosting the status and she's got support.

Also, thanks! I'm hoping to dive back into Readlebee soon! I'm using frameworks and stuff to make it friendly to contributions, but that just makes it beefy and hard to develop (and unlike what I've done before), so it's been kinda hard to get into a good groove with it.

@Alamantus Ahhh okay. Yeah, that is rough for sure. Hope she finds something else she loves soon!

Absolutely! I have been on Goodreads for years (actually just deleted my account) and would really like an open alternative, so it's very exciting. I wish I could help on the coding side, but I'm cheering it on if nothing else. Hopefully you get back into the right groove soon!

@greyor Also be sure to keep an eye on Book Wyrm ( that @tripofmice is working on! Looking at the repository, it looks like they're making a little bit more headway than I've been recently. :)

@Alamantus @tripofmice oh for sure, I have been keeping an eye on that project as well! Lots of exciting development going on for sure, which is great.

@Alamantus Send me her CV, I can run it though the job board at work.

@drwho I'll send it after it's updated. A slightly outdated version can be found on her website, but we're working to update that soon

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