Pokémon is not a good game for kids younger than 8 years old, and my nephew is 4 but obsessed with playing Pokémon with me 😬

@Alamantus oh hey, as i float down the timeline, i might actually have a solution for this!

do you have any of the Let's Go games? they have a neat drop-in drop-out co-op that, honestly, i took one look at and went "ah! it's co-op for handing a small child a controller so they feel included!". you call the shots, so to speak, and little kid just helps in very specifically small parameters.

you'd probably have to read out some stuff, but it might scratch the PLAYIN POKEMANS WITH UNCLE itch.


@wigglytuffitout Yeah so far, that's the best idea I've got too! This is his first time ever holding a controller so he doesn't even understand how the control stick works or what the different buttons mean even though I've explained it to him 😂 but yeah, Let's Go is the best idea I've got so far except maybe the Pokémon Quest or Pokémon Rumble... but yeah, I should definitely try the "little brother" mode in Let's Go first!

@Alamantus yeah, i think the co-op in Let's Go might be worth, uh, a go! ...no pun intended LOL

it might be something for when he's a little older, still, but they made the co-op very easy at least.

another idea is to have him play sword/shield with you, but really only show him the wild area, and let him help make curry/play with your pokemon - though that's more passing the controller over instead of playing alongside him.

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