Hey #SFFBookClub! @naga is taking December off from organising, but for those who still want to take part this month I suggest making it a sequels month. I will be reading Jeff VanderMeer's Authority librarything.com/work/14511352 which has been sitting on my bookshelf since shortly after we read Annihilation. I've also read Ann Leckie's and Margaret Killjoy's sequels and would love to talk about those if any of you pick one for your December read.

Also, I've fully switched over from Goodreads to LibraryThing now, as my final step in divorcing from Amazon. If any of my fediverse friends are on there you can follow me at librarything.com/profile/eldan (relevant to #SFFBookClub, but not exclusively - I read a lot of non-SFF too)

@mxroo @eldang Yup. 'fraid so. Amazon wanted access to all that crowdsourced data to augment their product search system. I almost had a job working on that project.

@drwho (but still, thanks for letting me know, as disappointing as this is. I think I'm still happier having moved to something that they don't have a controlling stake in, but at best this knowledge dulls my enthusiasm for evangelising LibraryThing)

@eldang Understandably.

Unfortunately there aren't any f/oss, self-hosted alternatives out there. Best I was able to find was rigging up a second copy of Shaarli for that purpose.


@data @drwho @eldang it's still very early days, but it's chugging along! I'm posting all -related things on its own account: @Readlebee
And all the information about it can also be found on that masto profile, too!

Once it's far enough along, I'll be asking for a lot of help with translations and code, but for now it’s still getting the basics set up. πŸ‘

@Alamantus @data @eldang @Readlebee Awesome! Already beeping the boops to follow it. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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