@eldang Understandably.

Unfortunately there aren't any f/oss, self-hosted alternatives out there. Best I was able to find was rigging up a second copy of Shaarli for that purpose.

@drwho @eldang someone on mastodon is working on it #readlebee I for one, am excited


@data @drwho @eldang it's still very early days, but it's chugging along! I'm posting all -related things on its own account: @Readlebee
And all the information about it can also be found on that masto profile, too!

Once it's far enough along, I'll be asking for a lot of help with translations and code, but for now it’s still getting the basics set up. πŸ‘

@Alamantus @data @eldang @Readlebee Awesome! Already beeping the boops to follow it. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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