It's very early days, and I have a lot of design work to do, but is on its way to becoming a reality!

If you'd like to to making this alternative as good as possible, check out the project on GitLab. Ideas and designs will help just as much as code:

If you have questions or want to discuss the project or contribute, check out the Gitter link, which lets you log in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account:


@Alamantus I just looked at Inventaire's wiko and it confused the heck out of me. Then I looked at the website and well...

It seems to be aimed soley at physical books with isbns... Lots of books especally indie books no longer have a paper edition at all. There's a lot more cost to the author to produce a paperbook.


@Shutsumon It does enable the addition of digital editions, but the website itself is definitely more target toward something I don't find useful. It's the collection of book data specifically that is useful in my opinion. You can create and edit content freely, which is super handy for things like @Readlebee, which is currently set up to pull book data from their database!

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