Hey all, does anyone know a good place to get affordable winter coats for women with larger hips? It appears that everything my wife finds is really long and specifically designed for human-sized pencils.

Any websites or shops in or near Denver would be best! I'm asking here because I have no idea how to search for this on a search engine...

Thanks in advance!

Alright, my wife is going to check all the places suggested now! I'll report back if she finds a good coat and from where! 🀞😬🀞

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@Alamantus how affordable and how winter are you looking for. what's the average use for this coat? (also, if you haven't shopped for winter coats before, you may be well-served to think of it as an investment article of clothing, they can be pricey but do last 5-10 years.)

@Alamantus also, check thrift shops, like goodwills & etc. they're great for the super budget options.

@t54r4n1 That's a great idea, but I think my wife doesn't like thrift shops very much... I'll try to convince her to check some out with me though and see if we can find any good options!

@t54r4n1 not much more expensive than $50, I would think (our reference is Costco, which has stupidly low prices for this stuff but a small selection). We've been in Colorado for a while, and lower temperature bounds are about 20℉. She mostly only uses them for the winter months from maybe October/November through April.

@Alamantus i would check thrift stores, they can have good stuff.
for down to 20 i'd recommend a wool long underwear top, a warm sweater, and a shell like a snowboarder's jacket. should be able to cop one for cheap enough thrifted.

@t54r4n1 @Alamantus Yep, think in layers. A good wool shirt or wool sweater can really make a difference in keeping you warm. You can peel layers off if it warms up (which keeps you from sweating and thus keeps you dry and thus warm.) You might want to search for an outdoor gear consignment shop and look for your Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, Woolrich, Holubar and the like, or try and catch a sale or look for seconds. Getting a cheap but good coat may require shopping in the off season.

@Alamantus Do you have a Lane Bryant nearby? I used to work at one when I was younger, and they were fairly accommodating of a variety of sizes while still being pretty stylish. Their clothing is designed for women who are not pencil-shaped.

@jaxen There are a couple nearby! I'll suggest we check it out. Thanks!

@Alamantus What sort of a winter coat is she looking for? Does she wear plus sizes, or straight sized with proportionately wide hips?

For plus sized coats:

Something for sports/skiing? Columbia has some decent ones in varying lengths. They can be a bit pricy, but if you catch a sale or have an outlet you could probably find one under $100.

A wool coat or a stylish puffer? Lane Bryant is good, and if you have one in your city Joe Fresh is decent and reasonably priced.

@erinbee this is helpful, thank you! Probably looking for wool or puffer or something like that, though a waterproof one might also be handy. I'll suggest all of these when she's not frustrated with shopping again πŸ˜…

@Alamantus Eddie Bauer's stuff is good if you find it on sale, ditto LLBean. They fit me at my largest, and I do not have small hips; their stuff is durable.

@aldersprig Thanks! We've got some shopping to do, I guess! The stores suggested are kinda scattershot around in neighboring cities

@Alamantus what do you consider affordable? My partner received a tailored wool long coat from a tailor for like 300. It has been a great investment.

@Jmaurer My wife is most used to seeing the prices at Costco, where they sell plenty of men's coats for $30–50 on the high end lol. I'll see what she thinks of getting something tailored. It might be a good option because we've got a bunch of nice coats that just don't fit anymore!

@Alamantus My spouse is plus sized with big hips. She shops for big and tall men's jackets that stop at the waist rather than full length coats. If its super butt cold, she'll add a wool cloak, an elegant if eccentric solution, but it does garner admiration from Ren Faire people and Harry Potter fans. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can sew your own out of an old wool blanket - there are plenty of tutorials online. Cloaks are easier to sew than jackets.

@Alamantus do you have Marks & Spencer's there? They are quite inclusive in their sizing options and not too expensive, usually.

@Alamantus second the suggestion for Columbia, can order things online in sizes most stores don’t carry. But the actual fit varies a lot. I went to the Portland store on a trip to test things I later ordered online. The huge Denver REI was laughably useless.

But still didn’t find an actual omg winter coat until a trip to Chicago. Many big folks in the Midwest, more selection. Bought a London fog one on sale, maybe it was Macy’s. Took several tries.

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