Hello world, does anyone know of a file sharing service that gives *direct links* to a shared file? I'm talking a link that can be used on a website like Dropbox used to do that will display/use the file correctly on the website.

I want to share an option with Lexiconga users so they can display their fonts using custom CSS before I start working on a font uploader, but I'm coming up empty so far.

Any ideas/advice are appreciated!

Unbelievably, GitHub is the easiest-to-explain free option for hosting arbitrary files in order to accomplish what I'm looking for. It's totally unbelievable that GitHub Pages is (still) a free service.

@henk717 Github might be a good option if it lets users upload files from their desktop without using git. I'll have to check—I only use git to get stuff up there lol


@Alamantus Gitlab might actually offer something very similar and i know they got a reasonable web interface for uploading. Try that one instead.

@henk717 I'll compare them for sure. If Github is easy enough, then that might be better since that's where the issue tracker is at the moment.

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