I made it to the Nutella Cafe! Banana crepes and Nutella afogado with "Everything is Awesome" playing in the background. This is pretty great!

CW: eye contact; food

I wish I knew of a nice, warm, dimly-lot place that had some mellow music to hang out in, though. That's way more in line with what I want right now lol


I ended up going to the fastest and most anti-social restaurant I've ever seen in the US, and it was pretty freaking cool. It's a bao restaurant called "Wow Bao", and you just swipe your credit card, make your order, and it's delivered to a cubby after (in my experience) 1 minute where you just tap, grab your food, and leave. Pretty awesome!

Plus the cubbies themselves had these cool see-through screens on them that I liked a lot.

@Alamantus Interesting, I feel like Eatsa here in SF may have been first in that space but that may just because they were neighbors of mine

@pagrus it very well may be! I don't know how long this place has been around, but the idea and execution are both very cool!

@Alamantus I think antisocial is the correct description though, I mean I like to think food connects people

@pagrus it can for sure, but sometimes I just wanna get cooked food and not even see another person. It's not for everyone, but it's nice that it exists for people who need it sometimes

@Alamantus I've seen videos about some ramen chains in japan where you order from a machine, sit in a private "booth", and then your order appears after sometime though a small curtain in front of you.

seemed like the ultimate in solo dining =)

@elmiko I've heard of those before! It sounds really interesting, and I want to try it someday!

@Alamantus Back in the '50's we had the same thing in New York. It was called an AutoMat. Stick your change in the slot and grab your plate of food through a small door. Go to another door for your desert!

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