Hey, remember that Little Library project I've been working on? Well, it's up and functional right now to try out!

Feel free to contribute some and check out what other people add! If you notice anything wrong with it, let me know or/and add a Github issue:

I'll get a domain for it someday probably, and maybe I'll even try to work on basic outgoing support so you can follow added and removed books! But that's a project for another day.

hey I don't think the history function is working? it says nothings been taken out yet bit the book I posted last night is gone so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@starrycosmos I actually found out that Heroku, the service I'm using, wipes the files every night 😢 So I need to find a new place to run the app for free that won't delete the files 😕

@starrycosmos I found a new service that doesn't delete files, so hopefully you can re-upload if you want! The old url will redirect you there, but the new one is 🙂

@Alamantus Nice project! Added Google Data Collection by Douglas C. Schmidt

@Alamantus on reload the shelf is empty again. Are you not saving entries yet, or is there some review process (e.g. license)?

@humanetech no, it should upload and display right away... it looks like Heroku may not be persisting data as I thought it would. 😕 I'll have to look into it later

@humanetech I found a new service that doesn't delete files, so hopefully you can re-upload if you want! The old url will redirect you there, but the new one is 🙂

Why would books ever be removed? It's digital, afterall.

@Christian because it's fun to pretend that digital things have physicality. :)

So how would that work? How would you control how many copies of a particular book is available at any given time? Or do you periodically remove a book entirely, as if every copy of that book at the library had been lost or destroyed simultaneously?

@Christian I can't control anything, but when someone takes a book, it is deleted from the server after they leave and can no longer be downloaded. Someone else would need to re-give the book. It relies on people wanting to live the fantasy of a digital communal give-a-book-take-a-book because once it's on your computer you can technically upload it infinite times (til it's full). 🙃

It's just a fun alternate way to do something that real library apps like Overdrive do much better. 😆

Oh, I see. Is it technically possible to give more than one copy of a book?

@Christian it's more than technically possible lol. You could flood the shelf if you wanted to be mean—the only deterrent is that you have to re-enter the data in the upload form every time.

I mainly did this because I only allow 1 file upload at a time, so ideally this ability to add multiples of the same book is to either add different file formats or a couple copies so more than one person can get the book. But there's no protection against abuse of that system. 😅

Do you support audiobooks or just standard eBook formats?

@Christian it could theoretically support audiobooks if they were only one file, but the person running the little library instance would need to specify mp3 (or whatever) in their allowed file types list, not limit file sizes, and not mind having their server's drive filled quickly.

I'm only running on free stuff, so I won't be allowing it on mine, unfortunately—I definitely prefer audiobooks.

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