Google analytics has all this shit about "retention" and "behavior patterns" and I literally just want to know if people are looking at my website and if so, when.

@Alamantus I switched to piwik/matomo for that, much more straight forward imo

I plan on switching everything to that once I have a web host again. For now, I've just got static sites on Github & GitLab, so GA is the only way to go

@Alamantus @jemus42 I was just frustrated with my Piwiki hit the limit of what DreamHost could handle with their shared plan. I didn't want to create a VM just to process it.

@dmoonfire @jemus42
Dang, really? Dreamhost was what I had my eyes on...

I guess I'll just make my own analytics API program or something...

@Alamantus You may not have the problems I had. I was good for about 7-8 years without a problem but I didn't clear out the old entries enough and I have one site that got about 10k visits/day.

So, if you horde your data forever and have a high traffic... it may fail after a bit.

@dmoonfire Ohh, I see. That's good to know! I don't need lots of history or anything, and I don't get nearly that many visits, so maybe it'll work for me after all!

@Alamantus If you are a Dreamhoster, I would recommend trying it. They have plenty of upgrade options when you do hit the limits.

I've always been an edge case for things. Those troubles are a few years back, the DreamCompute setup is a lot easier and cheaper now so it would be more of an option for me.

I just decided I'd rather not know anymore, partially because of GPDR but also because I was focusing on the wrong thing (hits).

Yeah, I don't care about the numbers.
My perfect analytics system would be like "someone looked at your page today! They came from here!"

The extra stuff is nice, but I just want to know if my stuff is being viewed at all. :P

@Alamantus Yeah... I know that also. My esteem is pretty low so seeing that people are looking is nice when I don't get comments for a few years but... I hated that I needed that. :(

@Alamantus @dmoonfire have mine running on a small scaleway instance among other sites, not very much volume so it's not a performance issue so far.

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