Lookin' to buy either Mast or Toot! for iOS. Mast looks like it's got a lot of great features, but one review said it doesn't support multiple accounts, while Mast! looks great but doesn't support instance emojos...

Does anyone who uses them have any insight or opinions for which would be better for me, a multi-instance user who enjoys custom emojos?

@Alamantus @DialMforMara i use toot! And love it, i see instance emojis just fine.

@june that's good! Is there a picker for instance emojos so I can use them without typing out the colon-wrapped name, though? Tootdon has a little button that shows them in a handy list

@june hmm, bummer. I might wait on Toot! then. At least I know there's fairly active development on it, so maybe it'll get added soon!

@Alamantus I am really liking Mast so far. Also I think they just released emojo support in the last release. Toot is great too just different. Toots best feature is the account changing dial. Its so fun. Still using Tootdon a-lot tho for missing features.

@wakest hmm, alright, so it seems like tootdon is still the way to go for now, then?

@Alamantus It really depends on how you use the fediverse. but tootdon has some features I love that not a single other interface has even desktop

@wakest the one and only thing that Tootdon doesn't do that I'd like is image captioning. Other than that, it's perfect for what I need. If it had image captioning, then I could finally free up some more space on my phone by getting rid of Amaroq...

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