Tourists are annoying, but old American tourists are by far the worst

@Alamantus I used to have a friend who worked in tourism here, and often complained about the American tourists who COULD NOT understand our monetary system (which is dollars, just colour-coded)

@karyl wait, where do you live that has color coded money? There are still numbers, too, right??

@karyl ahhh, cool!

lol wtf Canadian dollars function exactly the same as US dollars. It's not even like Japan where 100¥ ≈ $1 or whatever!

@Alamantus Right? I distinctly remember hearing stories of Americans buying souvenirs and just putting a pile of money on the counter and saying, "take what you need"

@Alamantus Our quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies (which have been discontinued) are all the same sizes and colours as well

Of course there's Loonies and Toonies but that's the ONLY thing that's markedly different

@Alamantus (same sizes and colours as their American counterparts, I should say)

@karyl off topic, but could you imagine a money system where they used just colors? That'd be super bad for colorblind people, but like, "this costs 2 reds and a blue, or you can just use 1.5 purple"

@Alamantus I'm imagining some sort of primary school economy that runs on Skittles, lol

@karyl good lord, what the hell?? I don't understand that at all lmao

@Alamantus in my experience Americans are amongst the world's best hosts, but are the amongst the world's worst guests.

@Alamantus Even in America!

I live in a little tourist town.

Or rather, I live in a little town that turns in to a giant tourist attraction from September to November each year, and is especially attractive to old people.

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