Here's a stupid pointless thing that I want:
Have you heard of Anarchy Arcade? Where you can build a virtual space to launch your apps and games from on your computer? I want that but for my ebooks.

I want to design and walk around in a huge virtual library that contains physical representations of my ebooks, with the size of the book based on either the length of the book (default) or manually-entered sizes and the cover based on the cover image or manually set.

I wanna be my own librarian.

@Alamantus That seems like something that could be done with Calibre at the back-end.

@Alamantus For real though, the best use of VR would be to lie in bed and be able to read a book. If ya need there to be a virtual library that you can walk around in as an excuse for the VR aspect, that's fine.


Check out LibraryThing

They have a bunch of cover images and an API, and there's book metadata. Plus lots of ways for you to curate your own collection. I think that would feed this particular interest at least to some degree.

@emv interesting! I'll have to look into it a little bit more, but it looks like my Calibre+Goodreads solution that I've been working with but all in one!

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