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Wait, who's Robbie again? @Alamantus

Someone in Brazil just logged in to my very first email address (a Hotmail address) via SMTP and Microsoft sent me a email warning me about it. Pretty amazing considering I haven't used it in like 15 years or something.

Anyway, all of my old emails are gone, which is sad, but the fact that it still belongs to me is pretty cool!

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@Alamantus, do you already used #keepassx and #protonmail?

They are great ways to live without the googlebadguys.

@dglbr I use KeePass 2, but not ProtonMail. I don't mind google having my emails too much—I don't use it for many extremely personal things, and I like the convenience more than I care about my email privacy.

@Alamantus, Nice bro, we have to use what we think is more helpful us. #keepass is a great way to be stronger pswd, ever.