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I can't remember if I've already mentioned it on here before, but I just added SSL to it, so it's worth mentioning again!

Earlier this year, I made RedFlag ( to help flag sites that you want to share but that might have some stuff people might not want to see.

There's a long, searchable list of warnings that you can attach to a URL, and if you share the URL that RedFlag generates, then people will get the warnings you added!

Black Panther was fucking awesome. I want Wakanda to be real!

My hair is trying to be super anime today.

I love playing with synonyms to create funny terms, but if you're not careful, you can turn a cocktail into a dickbutt

Fuck ALL ads with a doorbell sound in them.

I just learned from a friend that Pepsi cola used to be called "Brad's Drink" because it was a drink invented by a guy named Bradham. Why did they change such a perfect name? Nobody knows what a "Pepsi" is, but anyone can grasp the idea of "Brad's Drink".

I've finally found the perfect Youtube channel for me: LowSpecGamer. This guy just walked me through how to get A Hat in Time to actually run on my laptop!

I've been listening to the Jurassic Park audiobook, and man, I'm loving it! I haven't seen the movies (except Jurassic World), but I know a lot about the first one, so experiencing it as a mostly new experience is really cool.

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So if you talk to non-Gerudo NPCs around the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild, you'll notice a common theme: they all have trouble with words like "sav'aaq," "sav'saava," etc. One of them will actually explain to you how to make the /v/ sound.

This leads me to believe that the sound /v/ does not exist in Hylian, which would make sense as Hylian is often just Japanese with a different coat of paint (see: Old Hylian text in Wind Waker).

Anyway, that was a fun thing I noticed and wanted to share.

Web hosts are great until something goes wrong. Then it's a complete nightmare trying to fix things. 😔

Got hacked again so I've downsized the number of files on my web host so I have fewer things to check next time it happens. :blobangery:

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If you are bothered by the lack of support for stylable scrollbars in Firefox, make you voice heard:

Ok, so if you're like me and want to actually make changes to TiddlyWiki but don't want to set up a Node environment just to do it, here's an article I found after lots of searching:

It works great in Chrome, and when you're done, you can just drag the plugin from your Settings page to whatever TiddlyWiki you want to have the plugin added to! 👍

Some shithead hacked my shared web host and fucked up all my shit. I wish I knew who they were so I could go ask them why and then maybe punch their nose.

omg thank GOD, I'm finally starting to understand how to customize TiddlyWiki! It's not the "right" way, but I really don't want to set up a whole dev environment just to make changes.

TiddlyWiki is great, but trying to learn to develop plugins for it or customize anything other than content is kind of a nightmare

Just got home and discovered Pogo was trapped in the basement while we were gone! 😨😭

I can’t decide if I should just keep my web host for $10/month or if I should either find a new host or set up something like Linode to have my own server... I guess I should at least try my own server, right?

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TIL about Standard Notes.

End-to-end. Audited. Open source. Cloud-synced. Free tier that gives you Just The Notes. Hell, you can self-host if you want to.

I’ve been wanting to make a Pokemon Go-esque game that doesn’t require a backend for keeping track of what items are where on the map, and I think I’ve landed on a seeded random generation scheme that will be consistent for all users in the same/similar space calculated entirely on the front end!