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Here's my new and improved portfolio website that's much less likely to give you eye strain! I hope you like the fancy accents and suchβ€”I thought they were pretty nifty.

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It's very early days, and I have a lot of design work to do, but is on its way to becoming a reality!

If you'd like to to making this alternative as good as possible, check out the project on GitLab. Ideas and designs will help just as much as code:

If you have questions or want to discuss the project or contribute, check out the Gitter link, which lets you log in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account:


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I just uploaded new features and bug fixes for (! There's custom alphabetical order, custom CSS, and more!

Check out the release notes for all the details:

(Hey, custom CSS means you can use fonts in your dictionary! Check this blog post to learn how to set it up:

Alright folks, I really need some .

I'm trying to get an extremely basic AP setup going where people can follow a single account on a server and get automatically-generated updates when actions are performed. Specifically, I want to process followers and send a post to followers when someone adds a book to or removes one from Little Library. It's pretty much 100% server to server with very little client input beyond prompting the server to post.

So far, I have an outbox and a way to view posts. I'm trying to get that set up so I can start researching what I receive from a Mastodon follow request in order to learn what data to save and send Create activities to. But when I search for a specific post from Mastodon, it errors out with a 503 error from the Masto server...

Here is the folder of the repo with my implementation so far:

And here is my (temporary) live AP actor endpoint with a piece of live data:

Thanks in advance!

I just added a "Source" field to the Little Library form so you can optionally include where you got the file from when you upload a new one!

I'm also /trying/ to add basic support so you can get updates when a book is added and removed, but there are basically no AP testing tools so I'd essentially have to put it live and test with my Mastodon account just to see what data I receive and need to save from a follow request...

In Super Mario 64, holding R in the "Lakitu/Stop" camera mode allows Mario to get arbitrarily far away from the camera. Doing it in a course with atmospheric fog, like Jolly Roger Bay or Tick Tock Clock, shows that Mario's model is not affected by fog and always remains visible.

I wrote a book!

πŸ’€ πŸ‘» πŸ“š ✨ πŸ–€

If you love D&D and traditional fantasy with a twist, you might well enjoy BOOKS & BONE!

-scholars and libraries!
-black magic!
-zombie friends!
-evil necromancers but ... friendly?
-ace romance!

Follow Ree, necromancer town archivist, as she attempts to keep her family and neighbours from killing a foppish, arrogant, and amiable historian from the world beyond the crypt.

Sample and buy links:

I hate that the only alert options for the iOS calendar goes from 1 & 2 hours before directly to 1 & 2 days before with no time frame in between. I really need a "12 hours before" option for lots of my scheduled things...

ActivityPub is still hard to figure out how to set up. I'm trying to add a way to follow Little Library installations, but I still can't wrap my head around everything required for federation...

We accidentally just took a 4.5 mile hike, roughly 2 miles longer than we bargained for, and I'm so happy to be done 😭😴

At least it was beautiful, the dogs loved it, and Pogo got to swim!

work; partner's job 

dominant thought after a rare fight with family 

Why is my doing this?? Tilting down from the top registers as down, but tilting down from the cap DOESN'T! It doesn't make sense, does it??? Can anyone explain what's happening here?

I just realized that one of my bangs is significantly longer than any of the rest of my hair, and I have half a mind to chop it to the length of the hair around it. But I won't do that because if I did, I'm sure I'd look like an idiot

Sheesh, I'm watching this DeveloperWeek global conference thing, and I gotta say, developers are fucking boring!

Listen to Medieval Covers of "Creep," "Pumped Up Kicks," "Bad Romance" & More by Hildegard von Blingin’

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on Itchio is going to be finishing up in about 11 hours from now, and my GUTS+ System PDF is included in it!


Conflict resolution #idea for tabletop games:
- Standard deck of playing cards shuffled every time
- GM draws 10(?) cards
- GM chooses X cards based on character stat level
- GM offers chosen cards to player
- Player picks 1 from remaining cards
- Resulting card = success level

- Random, but gives GM a chance to prepare/limit possible outcomes

Other ideas:
- Split cards into stacks of suits for each type of conflict?
- Or each suit causes a certain type of outcome?

#gamedev #ttrpg

@Alamantus And in case you didn't know it, you can browse/search that humongous collection on this site:

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on Itchio is going to be finishing up in about 11 hours from now, and my GUTS+ System PDF is included in it!


I've just repopulated my Little Library with some of my favorite recent ! Check them out if you're interested, and leave some of yours if you'd like! And be sure to put them back after reading :)

Hey guys, I am a Fullstack Developer. I am trying to build an application for fediverse using ActivityPub. Any tutorial, blog, documentation on it would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance.

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