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I got @descartez 's permission to share the , version of his that I made, so I got a domain and SSL set up for it, and you can play it here:

It's card-based game called Night Hike about getting lost on a hike at night, discovering a body killed by a monster, and trying to survive the night while the monster lurks around every corner!

It's super hard to win and takes luck, but the theme is hard to resist!

If you're an advanced user looking for #Alternatives, you might like to check out's most overlooked sections:

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Alternatives For Advanced Users - sites like but aimed at technically-aware people

🔥 Bubbling Under - Alternatives that are close to being listed on the main part of the site, and are already very useful

One of my friends has started a podcast with one of her friends, and it's called The Fool's Library, and it's about literature and stuff, and there's only 3 episodes so far but I think the format is really good and fun! So go listen to them! They're delightful!

I'm pretty sure the main difference between a bog and a fen is the pH. Bogs are acidic, while fens are alkaline.

Damn it, now I have to choose between a cyberpunk book, a history book, or going back to my podcasts which include fantasy goodness, urban fantasy goodness, and plain fun, and that's a hard choice!!

Last night, I learned the difference between a swamp (forest but with water instead of dirt), a marsh (a swamp but with tall grass instead of trees), and a bog (a dead marsh), that fens are also a thing (they're bogs but not dead), and that "wetlands" is the category where all of those things lie!

Whew, the Wheel of Time book 5 took forever to get through, but I've got to keep going so I can get to the ones Brandon Sanderson wrote! 😭

Ugh I wish I was more than one person so I could do more things at the same time!

are children small or just far away???

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Register now!

Cool to see that Git, the source control manager, is finally branching out to Indian food!

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One of my pups twisted her little ankle from running too hard at the dog park today :( she's got a sad little limp but she's very cute!!

Oh wow.

Anna Anthtropy published the slides for her introduction to games design course called games literacy

Alongside this she shared an overview of her class (please do not click edit on that link)

This is not a full syllabus but yeah, p useful if you wanna know about games

Tips for MOVING from one Mastodon instance to another

In Settings, you can...

1. Export some of your data from your old account (if you want). This includes who you follow/block/mute. Note that you can't take your _followers_ with you, but they can definitely choose to follow your new account! (see 1st screenshot)

2. Set your old account to show that it's Moved to another account (your new account) (see 2nd screenshot)

3. Obviously: toot about your new account from your old account

This is a testament to how well my idea for rendering arbitrary HTML for character sheets works. I just built out a full HTML version of the GUTS+ character sheet and just pasted it into the sheet editor, and boom! It barely fits into the bounds for the width, but it does actually work!

Checkboxes and radio buttons don't work quite yet, but this is pretty amazing for a first attempt, if I do say so myself!

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