So a while ago, I made a post about me being just an NPC, and today I realized that I'm not only an NPC, but I'm an NPC from one of those games that only lets you talk to NPCs once instead of repeating the same thing over and over. You press talk on me, I say my fun little line, then you can't press talk anymore.

There are new One-Punch Man episodes out and none of you told me??

The Fediverse was the best(?) thing to ever happen to top level domains. The creativity and hilarity on display is truly astounding

Radioactive materials are literally science fiction except they're actually real wtf

I just spent a bunch of my $70 Nintendo eShop birthday money on 6 games that are on sale right now. So far I've played Hollow Knight and Celeste for a few minutes each, and so far they already live up to the praise!

The other games I got are Fe, Golf Story, Iconoclasts, and Freedom Planet. Should be fun to try them out! They've all been on my wishlist for ages!

Hey, folks! Here, have a short comic I made for school back in 2014.

It's called "Home". It's about my last experience living with roommates.

You can read it here:

(Despite the quality of the art, which was lacking because I had to finish it so quickly, I'm pretty proud of it. ☺️ )

#Comic #Comics #AutoBio #AutoBioComics #MastoArt #CreativeToots #Art

Shopify is pretty alright as far as paid storefront services go.

I tried a cigar for the first time with some friends today! It was weird but interesting! It was fun playing super smash bros with the lit cigar in my hand.

It's been how long now, and I /still/ can't pick out the Slack logo at first glance?

Oh no, Nintendo is releasing too many good-looking games for the switch! I'll never catch up! 😭

Woo! I got Lexiconga all set up on a new, high quality server! Yay! Now when the new version launches, it'll be as simple as replacing the files! :D

It's... hard to drum up hype for a major *codebase* rewrite when there's so few new features 😕


Fuck Apple! God damn it! This is impossible!

Apple's security is some stupid bullshit. My wife's been using an older OS for her ipad and macbook so when I updated them it forced me to add 2-factor authentication, which can't be turned off. About 4 hours later, I finally give up trying to get the devices to approve each other and just try signing out and back in again.

Turns out, Apple simply doesn't know how to handle old session data! 👍

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Avengers End Game (does this still need a CW?) Show more

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