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I've heard of Robbie! @Alamantus@cybre.space

Looking for the cutest birds of prey. Anyone have any opinions on the matter?

First player death in DnD tonight. So sad! 😭

its amazing that someone, somewhere, miles away, is literally setting a bunch of stuff on fire, so that your computer can see this fucking toot. and youre paying em to do it!!!! you're like "take my money!!! keep doing it!!! put more stuff on there, get it goin real good! i gotta see @jk's next toot!"

Also, while I don't mind playing as a woman or a POC, I would prefer to choose my avatar rather than being given one? Is it the New Thing to randomly assign avatars that you can't change now?

Oh well, at least I look badass 👍

I just played my first battle royale game of Fortnite. I placed 28th! I have no idea what it means, but I found lots of guns and didn't even think to try them before I was shooted to died

LB: wut

I hope VR headsets stop being so goddamn expensive in my lifetime

love you Masto. take care, please. It's rough out there and focusing on the macro is so goddamn depressing. Try to make sure the micro is worthwhile. Reach out to others, tell somebody you love them, ask somebody about their day. Just try to make small changes to make this a better place.

Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube frama.link/joinpeertube

if you use linode, aws and custom backups (not the paid linode backup service) you can run a mastodon instance for less than US$20 per month ($10 for linode and ~$7 for S3)

source: computer fairies. we have over 200 users and federate with almost 2000 other instances and we're running comfortably

anything more expensive than that is for unnecessary features such as elasticsearch. you don't _need_ to pay more than this to run mastodon.

when i was a kid i HATED the idea of Online Games. i was extremely put off by the idea of them at all. because like, what kind of rich fucker can afford to pay £0.10 every single minute while playing a video game??? id prbably only be able to play it for like half an hour per month!! nobody has enough pocket money to afford that! what a rip-off!!!! TERRIBLE value!!!! bourgie garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may as well go down to the arcade and play house of the dead for that extravagant cost

I was FINALLY able to get rid of all the styrofoam and boxes that have been in our garage. Maybe 30lbs of cardboard, if I had to estimate, maybe more. I hardly know what to do with all the space I have in there now!

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Fucking iTunes is going to literally murder me

I'm just trying to sync *all* the songs on my wife's computer to her phone, just like I said. Why are you only syncing a handful of songs?

YouTube Music has been released. Let me tell you just one thing:

Want the best YouTube Music experience on Android? Just download #NewPipe from a trusted source (e.g. @fdroidorg) and enjoy for free, Ad-less and protecting your privacy.

Friends don't let friends be spied on by #SurveillanceCapitalism

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