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It's very early days, and I have a lot of design work to do, but is on its way to becoming a reality!

If you'd like to to making this alternative as good as possible, check out the project on GitLab. Ideas and designs will help just as much as code:

If you have questions or want to discuss the project or contribute, check out the Gitter link, which lets you log in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account:


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I just uploaded new features and bug fixes for (! There's custom alphabetical order, custom CSS, and more!

Check out the release notes for all the details:

(Hey, custom CSS means you can use fonts in your dictionary! Check this blog post to learn how to set it up:


Only 15 minutes to answer!

I'm gonna finally redo my whole portfolio site from scratch! What should I use?

I just spent all of tonight and most of this morning contributing to and improving the `sequelize-erd` project specifically so I could visualize the database structure I've set up for so far:

In the end, it was very worth it because it showed not just the /structure/, but also how Sequelize /interprets/ what I set up, so I was able to fix a bunch of errors because of it! πŸ₯³

Japanese curry with chicken katsu is the best possible way to end a long, annoying week πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€€

(Image is of said curry)

Give us "Just stuff!" no cookie
(I can't eat chocolate before the fainting starts 😜)

This is getting ridiculous. But it's so delicious!

It's rediculicious!

Pokémon is not a good game for kids younger than 8 years old, and my nephew is 4 but obsessed with playing Pokémon with me 😬

all caps; Microsoft 


The video tutorial website 3D Buzz has closed its doors after 17 years of operation and is releasing all of its videos for free:

Videos cover most things related such as 2D/3D artwork, programming and so on.

The download link on the page is broken at the time of writing this post. To get the torrent file add a .torrent extension to the 404 link like so:

Just learned that the .mom top-level domain exists. ICANN is knocking it out of the park these days!

Magento - 

Magento - 

Magento - 

I started actually reading through the Sequelize docs so I could learn how it actually worked, and it turns out that knowing how to use things is helpful for using them!

Moving forward with should be much nicer now that I actually know how to query the data correctly...

...not super easy to understand the difference between them sometimes... I'm debating just doing an empty field so you can just write "audiobook version" or "1953 paperback" or something like that , but that'll lead to even more confusion since there are many different audiobook versions etc... I'm not sure. I guess using Editions is the best way to go?

I just don't want to bog people down with having to choose an edition unless they want to, like how GoodReads does but without the giant db.

Ok, my current idea for data structure is to split the unified "Status" table into two double-duty tables that store Ratings+Reviews and Updates+Progress. That way it'll be a little bit easier to manage than just trying to split from one table.

I still need to figure out what to do about books, though... I want to be able to target specific editions for reviews, but I don't want a ton of repetition in the database... using editions from Inventaire could work, but it's...

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