Having every fash, freeze peach advocate, incels, terfs and others bastards on a single platform where they could "freely express themselves" is just the best case scenario:
A big bunch of unwanted fucks on a single place, where we can easily monitor all their interaction, and even more easily take their platform down. It would be such a bad thing if the server hosting your little safe space crashed...

And the funniest part is, the gab creator is telling everyone that he's going to fork f-droid to have a "free-speech" enabled app store.
No shit: coinsh.red/ipfs/QmVsZyGjMp4kPf
Just, please, go ahead and fuck off our turf.

Best thing: Freeze Peach nerds uninstalling f-droid (big ass FOSS app downloader) because their beloved gab has been banned from the platform.
Suck it down losers!

@Cyphergoat C'est la version GoG. Et comme j'ai pas de pc assez puissant pour le faire tourner, ca compensera la preco impulsive.

I, like, used to have a teeny bit of chill with allies. Just enough so I can avoid headbutting them when I explain stuff.
And today it just dropped to fragging 0.

w00t, got suspended from birdsite by a mass report from "Allies".
Now, should I appeal the suspention?

For frag sake, I disappear for a month and you just spam florps at my first shitpost you madlads!

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