I'm Aesbeth, and I'm a cyber-witch.
Coming from, is my new home, in the glow of the neon tubes.
Massive nerd, into retro-gaming and arcade games, IT, I code in C and Python, bit of a maker and into it security and social engineering.
Queer as FUCK, trans woman and I feel comfortable with they/them, furry trash, anarchist and communist, I think Awoo should be legalized. Adn I'm vegan too. I may also post lewd stuff and small stories.

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@Aesbeth You had me at "retro-gaming and arcade games" 💙 🕹️

@psyq I have a self curated list of games on my laptop right now, and I'm always looking for hidden gems, like Last Armageddon:

@Aesbeth That game is fascinating to read, but I'm not sure I'd play it :) I have a bunch of PC Engine, SFC, FC, MD and GB(C/A) games in my playlist, but haven't played half of it, so I can't say if the games are any good or just obscure. I could list them up somewhere :)

The last thing I tried was Legendary Axe on PCE, it's nothing spectacular but manages to fill a gap somewhere between Rastan and Castlevania.

And all the X68k shoot 'em ups are probably not hidden gems?

@Aesbeth I only discovered it last week when I saw it had a more or less exclusive Castlevania game. But Game Sack and others covered loads of bizarre games:

It has a libretro core and the system ROMs are available from Sharp, I definitely want to try this at some point, even though many of the games are on other systems or the arcade too.

Currently I'm stuck in Akumajo Densetsu, stage 9 😋

@psyq Well, good luck for Castlevania! And +1000 for GameSack, it must be one of the few game channels I watch.

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